Department of Molecular Medicine

The work of the Department involves various fields which all converge on the study of biology and human pathology. The Department comprises personnel with reciprocal competences in biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, virology, tissue, cell and molecular biology, environmental and forensic toxicology, infectivology and clinical medicine, chemotherapy, epidemiology, public health, and occupational medicine.

Cultural contiguity among these areas derives from integration between biomedicine and evidence-based medicine. Cultural contents stand out for their complementarity, with a central theme in advanced analytics and precise computational analysis.

The Department also works on advanced chemical and biochemical analyses and expects growing interest in bio- and nanotechnologies and other "–omic" technologies.


Dipartimento di  Medicina Molecolare  (DMM)

Via Gabelli, 63 - 35121 Padova
tel. +39 0498272368/2362 -  0498211325  - fax +39 0498272355