Department of Linguistic and Literary Studies

The Department carries out research into the linguistic, philological and literary aspects of communication. It builds on consolidated research into national and international linguistic and literary traditions, both diachronically and synchronically, but is also open to innovative and interdisciplinary methods for exploring new fields, such as intercultural, genre, post-colonial, translation, media and corpus-based studies, and on-line teaching.

It combines research and teaching to provide courses on 15 foreign languages (including 13 European Union languages) and on the respective literatures and cultures. The Department is also interested in local Italian traditions, as demonstrated by its research into linguistic, literary and social phenomena of the Veneto Region.


Dipartimento di  Studi Linguistici e Letterari (DiSSL) 

Piazzetta Gianfranco Folena, 1 - 35137 Padova
tel. +39 0498274800 - fax +39 0498274801