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UNIPhD - Application

Applications shall be submitted exclusively online through the dedicated PICA platform.

Applicants can submit only 1 application, choosing 1 research topic. Applicants shall contact potential supervisors and ask for their support in preparing their research proposal and identifying the secondment options that best fit their research idea.

Application documents that applicants are asked to provide include: 

  • A copy of a valid ID
  • A detailed CV, max. 2 pages (a template is available here)
  • Academic diplomas, including a certificate or self-certification (in the cases provided for by Italian law) of the full transcript of attended courses and of the grades’ translation in English. Such documents must be drawn up in Italian or English, under penalty of exclusion from the selection
  • Motivation letter and plans for envisioned professional orientation, max. 1 page
  • Declaration of mobility (which must be filled out on line on the PICA platform - https://pica.cineca.it/unipd)
  • The email-addresses of up to two referees (e.g., professors at the university where the applicant obtained the Master’s degree or supervisors in any other legal entity from the academic or non-academic sector where the applicant has studied or worked). Referees will be invited to upload their evaluation of the applicant independently
  • Research project, max 4 pages (a template is available here)  containing: Title of the proposal and indication of the chosen research topic; Potential supervisor; Concept, objectives, methodology of the proposed research; Preferred secondment options
  • Table of ethical issues and Ethics self-assessment (which must be filled out on line on the PICA platform - https://pica.cineca.it/unipd)
  • Abstract of Master’s Thesis (max 4 pages).

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