FAQ – COVID-19 effects on international students (degree-seekers)

We appreciate that you may have lots of questions regarding your life as a student at the University of Padua. Some of the answers can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions hereunder. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, our team is ready to help: international.admission@unipd.it.

For more detailed information check the Protocols for the Control and Containment of Sars-Cov-2

  What are the measures taken by the University of Padua to reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading among students, faculty and staff?

The University of Padua has been fully operational throughout the pandemic and newly implemented health & safety protocols have allowed us to protect the health of our students and staff.

In an effort to contain the spread of the virus, a testing programme based on Salivary SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid detection has been made available to teaching and administrative staff since October 2020. In addition, 5592 University staff have received the first dose of Astrazeneca vaccine in March 2021.

The focus on our students has become even more crucial. The challenges of the past year gave a boost to some special initiatives and stimulated massive investments on the newest infrastructure technologies. The fast implementation of either dual (simultaneously in the classroom and online) or blended (partly online and partly in classroom) learning has allowed all our students to attend classes, exams and graduations, and keep feeling part of our great community, even when prevented from being physically with us.  

The active engagement and commitment of the University to provide an environment of scientific excellence to all its researchers has proved to be critical and resulted in the development of numerous research projects on the transmission of the underlying coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 along with papers about the pandemic, its impacts and possible treatments.
For more details, please visit: https://web.unipd.it/covid19/en/

  Do I have to wear a mask when coming on campus?

Yes, all students, faculty members, administrative staff, and visitors must wear a mask to ensure their nose and mouth are fully covered. Wearing a face covering is one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of the virus and it is mandatory on a national level for all people above 6 years of age.

  Do I need to sanitise my hands when on campus?

Across the University, students, teaching and administrative staff are expected to maintain responsible personal hygiene. Hand sanitiser stations are readily available in areas with heavy traffic (i.e. lobby, elevators ...).

  How is social distancing ensured on campus?

Social distancing is key in reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 and everyone arriving or returning to campus must consistently follow social distancing practices. The University has established protocols to increase the physical distance between individuals: these include but are not limited to signage and/or physical barriers in all shared spaces (i.e. classrooms, libraries, canteens, elevators...) reminding to keep at least 1 meter of space between individuals, modified circulation patterns to enter and exit buildings, reduction of rooms’ capacity and mandatory pre-scheduling of all activities in presence.

Prospective students

  Documents and entry requirements

My school/University is closed and I cannot get my official Transcript of Records. Can I still apply?

Yes, but you should at least provide evidence of your academic history through an unofficial Transcript of Records (student copy). If this is the case, please add a note to your online application. Kindly remember that all documents need to be submitted in English or Italian.

My school/University is closed and I will not be able to get my secondary school/Bachelor's degree certificate by 31st July 2021. What shall I do?

You should attach to your online application a provisional certificate issued by your School/University, stating that you have successfully completed your High School studies/Bachelor’s degree programme. If you are applying to programmes with a limited number of places, you need to complete your previous studies no later than 31st July 2021. If you are applying to programmes with an unlimited number of places, you need to complete your previous studies no later than 30th September 2021. The official certificate should then be legalised, officially translated in Italian or in English, and provided upon enrolment and no later than 31st October 2021 along with other required documents.

The University Entrance Examination in my country has been postponed. What shall I do?

You should attach to your online application a certificate issued by your School, stating that the University Entrance Examination has been postponed until [please mention the new date] due to COVID-19.The results of the University Entrance Examination are compulsory for enrolment eligibility and should be provided no later than 31st July 2021 for programmes with a limited number of places and 30th September 2021 for programmes with an unlimited number of places

I was supposed to take the English test, but the exam has been cancelled. What shall I do?

Evidence of language proficiency should be provided no later than 31st July 2021 for programmes with limited number of places and 30th September 2021 for programmes with unlimited number of places. Please add a note to your online application.

  Visa related issues - travel bans

How can I get the visa?

The first step to apply for a study visa is to follow the pre-enrolment procedures. Starting from academic year 2020/21, the pre-enrolment is online only and should be completed on a dedicated website: www.universitaly.it. Through this platform, Italian Universities, international students,  and Italian Embassies and Consulates share all relevant information.

The pre-enrolment procedure for A.Y. 2021/22 is currently open. If you have been admitted to the University of Padua, you can start your pre-enrolment by registering to Universitaly. Complete the pre-enrolment procedure at your earliest convenience and no later than July 15th, 2021.

Are international students allowed to travel to Italy?

Given the current global situation, we recommend you to check the updated information about entry requirements in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website .

  Academic year 2021/22 schedule

How and when can I complete my enrolment?

Enrolment at the University of Padua will be finalized online from August 2021 onwards, provided that you upload the required documents in the dedicated tasks of your application platform.

Upon your arrival in Padua, as a newly enrolled student, you should provide the Admissions and Welcome Unit Desk with the original documents required to complete your enrolment.  Kindly be advised that the original documents will be verified by the Admission and Welcome Team which will then return it to you.

Enrolments will be accepted until 31st October 2021.

If you are not allowed to come to Italy within October due to COVID-19 related issues (travel bans, quarantine etc.) you can meanwhile attend your classes online and be officially enrolled under the condition that you arrive in Padua - as soon as it will be possible - and you hand in the original documents.

Is there any change in the Academic Year 2021-2022 calendar?

The calendar has not been changed. Nevertheless, if any change is applied, all students will be promptly informed.

Has the start of the lessons been rescheduled?

No, classes are scheduled to start as usual at the beginning of October 2021. Nevertheless, if any change is applied, all students will be promptly informed.

Will the classes be online during the academic year 2021/22?

The teaching mode for the current academic year is either dual (simultaneously in the classroom and online) or only in presence. Classroom activities might be made available online to ensure that all our students can access learning materials.

Could I start classes online and then travel to Italy?

This is a possibility that may apply to students coming from countries where a travel ban is in place
at the beginning of the academic year. We strongly advise you to come to Padua as soon as you
obtain your study visa so that you can make the most of university life.

Current students

  General Information

Is the University closed?

No, it is not, but until 3rd December 2020 all academic activities (classes, exams) will be held online only, except for classes of the first year of Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes, laboratory activities, field trips, practical traineeships, which can continue in-presence.

Access to libraries is limited and allowed only through online reservation using the Affluences App; for detailed information about the access modalities and the resources available online please check: http://bibliotecadigitale.cab.unipd.it/en/digitalsolidarity/logbook

Our offices are working mostly in smart mode and/or by appointment, always ready to provide you with the support you need.

Has the 2020/2021 Academic calendar been modified?

No, the 2020/2021 Academic calendar has not been modified for the time being; nevertheless, if any change is applied, all students will be promptly informed.

You can find more information at the following link.

Can I come to Italy and what should I do once I arrive?

As far as international travelling is concerned, at the moment there are some restrictions and rules to follow, which varies depending on your country of origin.

Travelling to Italy for study reasons is still allowed for many countries, provided the compliance with some safety measures upon your arrival, such as observing a fiduciary isolation and health surveillance and/or undergoing a molecular or antigenic test. Travelling to Italy is forbidden, even for study reasons, only for a few countries.

Please find here the travel regulations currently in place and be sure to regularly check all the relevant updated information

I can’t find accommodation. What should I do?

Finding accommodation in these troubled times can be difficult, but we have implemented a dedicated housing service to  support international students. Should you have any problem finding temporary or long-term accommodation, please contact housing@unipd.it.

I found accomodation, but I can’t come to Padua right now. What should I do?

If you are renting a room in a student dormitory, you should contact:

If you are renting a room in a shared apartment, you can contact the owner to find an agreement in accordance with the provisions outlined in the contract itself.

Given the current Covid-19 situation, does the University of Padova offer any benefit to its students?

Yes, the University of Padua provides special benefits to its students:

  • a SIM card with 60GB data per month;
  • refunds for laptop purchases;
  • rent and public transport subsidies.

Please note that the call to apply for these benefits closes on November 30th; check the eligibility criteria and all the relevant information on the dedicated page.

Can I have some sort of psychological support?

Yes, you can. If you would like to speak to somebody about how you are feeling, please contact the university Psychological Assistance Service by sending an email to psychological.assistance.scup@unipd.it

You can find more information at:

  Academic guide

How can I attend classes?

Teaching activities are delivered simultaneously both face-to-face and on-line, developing a blended teaching mode that can be accessed both in the university classrooms (in compliance with the established safety measures) and remotely at the same time.

All the lessons of the first semester of the a.y. 2020/2021 are offered also online and made available on our MOODLE platforms, which you can access through your Uniweb credentials.

If you have specific concerns about your study programme, contact your Department or School.

Instead, if you decide to attend classes in presence, you must download the official OrariUnipd app to record your class attendance and be always updated about the teaching modalities chosen by your professors.

In order to allow quick identification of contacts in the University classrooms, should any critical issue arise, the presence of students in the classroom will be tracked through the use of the OrariUnipd app, connected with Easy Badge software.

Can I attend lessons from my home country?

Yes, your UNIPD account is active and you can access our e-learning platform MOODLE from wherever you are.

How will time zone differences be handled in distance-learning classes?

If your time zone strongly affects your chances to attend classes, please contact the teaching staff as soon as possible. They will advise you of attendance expectations or alternative options. Nevertheless, most of the classes are recorded, then the attendance can be flexible and not necessarily tied to fix schedules.

My study plan includes an internship. What shall I do?

The Career Service is available to support all students on a case-by-case basis. You can email the Career Service at stage@unipd.it

Are field trips suspended?

Yes, field trips are suspended until further notice.

However, laboratory activities, exercises, and experiential activities will continue in person for all students to the extent that it is possible, provided the implementation of adequate guidelines related to logistics and rotation sessions to ensure compliance with the prescribed health and safety measures.

Please contact the teaching staff in charge of each activity to have more information.

Can I interrupt my studies?

Yes, you can. All students can suspend their studies following the procedure.

Please note that this may affect your residence permit validity, so please contact SAOS for further information and support (SAOS@unipd.it).

In addition, please note that if you wish to resume your studies, you will have to pay a fee for each suspended academic year.

Please note that if you have been awarded a scholarship and wish to suspend your studies, you should also contact: