Admissions for CSC candidates

The application is open for CSC (China Scholarship Council) candidates for the next PhD programme starting in October 2022. The offer of admission will be conditional to the awarding of the CSC grant.

Candidates interested in applying to the University of Padova outside the CSC grant agreement will follow a regular admission procedure.

The candidates with Chinese citizenship interested in CSC scholarships, and planning to apply to the University of Padova, will submit their application to get an offer of admission to the University of Padova PhD program, following the procedure below.

The application deadline is January 13, 2022.

  Who can participate

- Citizens of the People’s Republic of China

- Students who will complete a Master degree by September 30, 2022

- Candidates must have an excellent knowledge of English.

The selection is based on evaluation of qualifications and oral examination. The oral examination is aimed at verifying candidate’s motivation and ascertaining their excellent knowledge of the English language.

  How to participate

  • Guidelines for the filling of the online application form

List of post-graduate courses available for study with the scholarships.

The scholarship will cover:
A grant for average living costs, one return flight from China to Italy, a contribution to attend conferences.
The University of Padova exempts candidates from the payment of tuition fees, while the amounts due for stamp duty, regional contribution to the right to education must be paid.
Awards are made for the full duration of your fee liability for the agreed course.

If you have any questions about the scheme, please contact
For information in Chinese and available on the CSC website, please refer to
Students will need to select "host country" and "category" for specific programmes.