Arqus News and Events




May 26: Mental health as a human right: breaking the stigma

May 19: Human rights cafè


November: A booklet by the students of the Arqus summer school "Diversity Beyond the Landscape": LANDSCAPES | RELATIONSHIPS of the Prosecco Hills

October 24: ;The Arqus Research Days 2022 kicks off today in Brussels

October 18: Erasmus Days "Celebrate the Arqus Day with us by getting to know the Arqus cities and universities!" (event by Unipd)

October 18: news Arqus celebrates the Arqus Day launching the new phase of the Alliance with enthusiasm and new goals on the horizon > news in Italian

September 30: Science4All "Arqus and Discog together to beat cancer"  - news in Italian

September 30: Arqus participates in the SIEM Final Conference on Inclusion organised by the Erasmus Student Network, with Lucia Gennaro (Unipd)

September 28-30: Arqus Research Focus Forum "Moving towards a new era in Cancer Research" (Italian)

September 26-30: Unipd Summer School "Advanced liver disease and beyond(registration by May 28) - news in Italian. See also Calls and opportunities

September 8-9: Rovigo Unipd Summer School "Design Thinking: How might we use digital technologies in innovative ways at the university" (registration by June 15) - news in Italian

September 1: Arqus tra passato e futuro - The event: News in Italian; The first three-year period of the Arqus Alliance comes to a successful close. A second phase will kick off soon (Italian version)

July 28: Erasmus by bike: a sustainable journey from Padua to Granada - News in Italian

July 27: Arqus is selected by the European Commission to continue its roll-out as a fully-fledged European University News in Italian

July 13: Seven months, seven universities “Encouraging students' exploration of language through data-driven learning" by Katherine Ackerley, University of Padua - news in Italian

May 31: AL2 Biba Forum online workshop "Knowledge diversity

May 30: AL2 Webinar "Support networks for inclusion: joining forces towards a common goal" - news in Italian

May 27: Online workshop Language villages – drawing on participants' linguistic repertoires in multilingual communicative scenarios (organized by Unipd): deadline extended to May 27 - news in Italian

May 20: Ukraine special: Workshop on language and culture (registration by May 15)

May 17: Freedom and Inclusiveness in Higher Education, a paper by Eva Egron-Polak

May 12-14: Conference in Graz "Unitopia. Digital Transformation as Democratic Moment" (application deadline: March 3. No registration fees for Arqus partners)

April 27: Virtual Company visit in Leonardo Labs - Open opportunities for PhDs

April 6-7: Arqus International Symposium on Translation and Interpreting Studies - news in Italian

April 6: Multiplier event of the GO-DIJIP projectJoint Programmes on the Move: a laboratory for digitalisation and innovative pedagogy

April 4-6: In Padua, Arqus Annual Conference 2022 - news in Italian

April 3-4: The University of Padua hosts the Arqus Student-led Forum 2022 - news in Italian

March 29: Biba Forum "Biodiversity and geodiversity"

March 25: Online Training event "Preventive Career Education"

March 16: Webinar AL2 "Inclusive University for students with disabilities" - news in Italian

March 10: Webinar AL2: Support networks for inclusion - news in Italian

February 25: The Mooc "Story of a Wine: The Importance of Being Prosecco" wins the Arqus Unipd Teaching Excellence Award: news in Italian

February 21: BIBA Forum - session #1: Diversity in sustainable development - news in Italian

January 25: Arqus Academic Debate #7 Where is my (business) mind? How young researchers succeed outside academia - news in Italian

January 22: Arqus Teaching Excellence Award: the Unipd selection -  news in Italian

January 10: The Arqus Rectors’ Council welcomes two new members to the Alliance: The University of Minho (Portugal) and the University of Wroclaw (Poland) - news in Italian

ARQUS KNOWLEDGE PILLS, the podcasts with Gerhild (Unigraz) and Pietro (Unipd)

#1 The European Researchers’ Night, Andreas Kungl (Graz) -  news in Italian - November 27, 2020

#2 Scholars at Risk, Francesca Helm and Claudia Padovani (Padua)- news in Italian - February 9, 2021

#3 Friends of ERC, Eystein Jansen (Bergen) - March 26, 2021

#4 How can nanoparticles help our immune system to fight cancer?, Giovanna Lollo (Lyon) - April 21, 2021

#5 How does a beaver help children to train their computer skills?, Valentina Dagienė (Vilnius) - May 21, 2021

#6 How can we wow children into science?, Dominik Becher (Leipzig)- June 16, 2021

#7 How can scientists succeed outside academia?, PhD students from the Arqus universities - November 8, 2021

#8 How do migrant entrepreneurs boost economies? Eunice Cascant (Lyon) - December 16, 2021

#9 Why are science and sports similar? Francesco Bettella (Padua) - February 14, 2022 (news in Italian)

#10 What can you learn aboard a ship about sustainability? Katja Enberg (Bergen) - March 7, 2022

#11 Learning together: it’s a challenge! Klaudijus Melys (Vilnius) - April 29, 2022

#12 Bacterias vs Viruses: Who wins this fight? Joana Azeredo (Minho) - June 20, 2022

#13 Can a smell make you happy? Anna Oleszkiewicz (Wrocław) - October 21, 2022


December 20: Workshop series "Culture-related learning

December 10: Is digital inclusion possible? Hints and tricks for creating accessible digital content - webinar by Ombretta Gaggi (Universitiy of Padua) - news in Italian

November: First Arqus Twinning Unipd-Graz - News from the Unipd Human Rights Centre - news in Italian

November 24: Learning on the margins: programmes for students and scholars at riskwebinar organized by the University of Padua - news in Italian

November 23: Support networks for inclusion - webinar AL2

November 18: Inclusive policies within the job market: different approaches - news in Italian - webinar organized by the Universities of Padua and Lyon

November 17: Inclusive University for Children - webinar AL2 - news in Italian

November 8: Podcast Knowledge Pills: "How can scientists succeed outside academia?

October 5-10: First Annual Conference, hosted by Vilnius University in Lithuania news in Italian

September 28: Arqus Unipd meets Ulysseus Unige - news in Italian: Padova e Genova, università europee: Arqus incontra Ulysseus

September 24: Rethinking Climate Education (Youth Action Festival event) - news in Italian

September 6-10: The Arqus Management Team and the Student Council meet face-to-face in Granada for the first time

September 6-8: 2021 Summer School in Cybersecurity - news in Italian

July 15-16: International Youth Congress "Climate Solidarities" - news in Italian

July 14: Webinar Task force 2.1: "Preventive career education: from theory to good practices" - news in Italian

July 7: Online networking initiative following the Arqus "Rethinking Climate Change: The Venice Paradigm" Spring School: "Unify Venice" - news in Italian

July 1: Webinar: "Challenges and opportunities for refugee students in the European Higher Education Sector – from best practices to institutional strategies" - news in Italian

June 29-30: Short Virtual Mobility 2021'Rethinking ageing in intergenerational and international perspectives' 

May 28: Seven months, seven universities lecture by Francesca Helm (Unipd) “Harnessing students' multilingualism in English medium classes through Wikipedia editing” - news in Italian

May 21: Fifth podcast Knowledge Pills: "How does a beaver help children to train their computer skills?

May 18: Unipd Students info event: Arqus: come with us to build the future of your university!  - news in Italian

May 17: Arqus Celebrates the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia  - news in Italian

May 3-9: Finals of the 2nd Arqus virtual company creation challenge. Vote for your favourite project - news in Italian

May 6Arqus Academic Debate #6: "Women entrepreneurs, barriers and drivers when developing their entrepreneurial project"  - news in Italian

May 6: Open session "Co-creating Citizen Science"  - news in Italian

May 3-7: Arqus Academy Week "Shaping the university of the future"  - news in Italian

April 21: Fourth podcast Knowledge Pills: "How can nanoparticles help our immune system to fight cancer?

April 15: Webinar "Key challenges of joint programmes evaluation and accreditation procedures"

March 26: Third podcast Knowledge Pills: "Friends of ERC"

March 25: Webinar "Implementation of mobility windows"  - news in Italian

March 24: Webinar "Micro-credentials: flexible quality learning opportunities for the universities of the future" (news in Italian)

March 23: Webinar "Intercultural Competence revisited – Cultural Learning in the foreign language classroom"

March 22: Webinar "The future of the translation profession: Jack of all trades, master of what?" (news in Italian)

March 18: UniLausanne – Unipd Joint International Workshop

March 18-19: Conference "Multilingualism on my mind"

March 17: Arqus Academic Debate #5: "Europe as a global actor"  (news in Italian)

March 16: Arqus RI High-Level Seminar #1: "Climate change and Artificial Intelligence"

February 25: Arqus launches the Arqus International Forum on Romance Studies

February 23: Second Seven months, seven universities lecture “Why do Lithuanians never ring a bicycle bell? Some notes on Lithuanian day-to-day life culture” (news in Italian)

February 19: Webinar "Doublage et caractérisation des personnages: La casa de papel", by Christina Lachat-Leal

February 11: International Day of Women and Girls in Science: how are Arqus universities contributing? - Webinar (news in Italian)

February 9: Unipd hosts the second podcast Knowledge Pills: "Scholars at Risk" - (news in Italian)

February 3: Unipd hosts the fourth Arqus Academic Debate: "Women in Academia across Europe" - (news in Italian)

January 27 - First Seven months, seven universities lectureShort-term study abroad: Insights from a long-term project” (news in Italian)

January 26 - Staff training webinar “Job Market Transition for Inclusive Universities, leaving no student behind

January 19 - Kick-off meeting of the Arqus Research & Innovation Project



December 16, 2020 - Meeting: Task force 2.13 Common Charters on Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals > programme 

December 4, 2020 - Meeting: Task force  2.10 Staff development for the inclusive classroom, in collaboration with task force 2.9 Inclusive Peer Tutoring  "Inclusion and diversity at University" > programme 

December 2, 2020: Third Arqus Academic Debate: "Energy as a pillar, driver and goal of today's world"

November 27, 2020 - On European Researchers’ Night the first episode of the “Arqus Knowledge Pills” is released (news in Italian)

November 26, 2020 - Second Rectors' Meeting: news in English - news in Italian

November 24, 2020: Open Lab for Teachers and Students "The Future of Quality Teaching"

November 16-22, 2020: The finals of the Arqus virtual company creation challenge 2020 are coming up! - (news in Italian)

November 4, 2020: Arqus participates at the meeting between rectors of the 41 European University Alliances and the Directors-General for Higher Education

October 29, 2020: Second Arqus Academic Debate: "The US presidential elections: a battle for global? supremacy"

October 21, 2020: Free workshops for PhDs and postdocs of the Arqus Universities

October 18, 2020: Happy first Arqus Day!

September 12, 2020: Arqus creates a pathfinder group on the future of mobility

August 6, 2020: Workshop on Teaching pronunciation in the German as a foreign or second language context

June 18, 2020: First Arqus Academic Debate: "Post-Pandemic Citizens"

May 5-6, 2020: Arqus @Unipd: Arqus Academy and AL3 meeting with mobility officers

April 21, 2020: Hackathon #EUvsVirus: the importance of contributing to find novel solutions for coronavirus-related challenges

March 26, 2020: Arqus activities continue remotely

March 13, 2020: Arqus postpones its first Annual Conference due to the situation caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

February 20, 2020 - EVENT AL 2 Workshop by Rita Bencivenga on Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability




October 18, 2019 - NEWS Arqus Alliance: the Rectors of the seven universities sign the partnership agreement

October 10, 2019 - NEWS The Arqus Alliance takes its first step towards the official start of a long-term vision

June 27, 2019 - NEWS The University of Padova and its ARQUS consortium partners selected in the framework of the "European universities" call

September 14, 2018 - NEWS Six leading European universities establish the ARQUS European University Alliance to open new horizons in university cooperation