Language courses for Erasmus students (outgoing)

  Courses at the University Language Centre (CLA)

The University Language Centre at the Università di Padova organises free language courses every year for Erasmus students (both 1st and 2nd call).

Intensive language courses for outgoing students last 30 hours and are offered for the following languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and German.

  OLS test and online language courses (Online Linguistic Support)

The European Commission offers online language support to students on the Erasmus+ Programme (both for studies and traineeship in Europe). OLS is not available for students who are part of the Erasmus+ Beyond Europe and SEMP programme.

OLS provides:

  • Two compulsory tests (as required by the Grant Agreement), at the start and at the end of the mobility in order to measure the linguistic skills of the students. The result does not affect the mobility.
  • A voluntary course during the mobility

The OLS tests are carried out in the target language: English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. For countries with ‘minority languages’ English will be the assigned language. Upon request, Bulgarian, Czech, Croatian, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Swedish and Hungarian are also available.

More detailed information on how to access the online platform will be sent by the International Office to your university email ( which should be checked regularly. The student must sit the test within 15 days of receiving the email.

Based on the end-of-mobility date provided upon the initial access of the OLS platform, the student will receive an email invite for the second test, also compulsory.

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