International Staff Training Week

The University of Padua invites colleagues from all over the World to participate in the International Staff Training Week 2020 from 15th to 17th June 2020. The Staff Week was originally foreseen to be face-to-face in Padua but, given the COVID-19 emergency, the programme has been adjusted so to have it fully online.

This year’s Training Week is dedicated to Virtual Exchange for innovation in Education: we will discuss oppportunities and challenges related to Virtual Exchange, look into practical applications and outcomes, share experiences and best practices.

Who can participate: Administrative and academic staff members from Higher Education Institutions across the globe. Previous experience with Virtual Exchange are considered as an asset. An active engagement of all participants is expected throughout the International Week (case studies presentations, discussion, etc.).

Language: English

Costs: the event is free of charge.

Registration: Day 1 and 3 of the event are still open for participation: please fill in the form. Registrations for Day 2 are currently closed: successful applicants have been informed by email.

Projects and Mobility Office - Projects and Partnerships Unit

Palazzo Anselmi
Lungargine del Piovego n.1, 2nd floor - 35131 Padua, Italy