Virtual International Programme (VIP) - Outgoing

The VIP is a virtual mobility programme organised by the Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen, Germany.

The VIP offers:

  • A wide variety of online courses in several areas. They are held in English, German or other languages and accessible to bachelor’s and master’s students.
  • German language courses
  • International working groups
  • Interactive teaching methods
  • Online tutoring and support services

  Who can apply

The programme is open and free of charge to all UNIPD students regularly enrolled in a course of study and is especially aimed at those who do not yet feel ready for a study experience abroad but would like to have a taste of an international study experience.

It is not possible to participate in VIP courses during a period of international mobility (even virtual).

  Why you should participate

Participating students will have the opportunity to discover the German education system, collaborate with colleagues from all over the world, explore topics of personal and/or academic interest, and develop intercultural skills.


The VIP takes place twice a year for the winter semester (October-February) and summer semester (April-July) according to the academic calendar of the Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen.

  How to apply

The application procedure is held entirely by the Justus-Liebig Universitat Giessen. Students who want to apply have to fill in  online form by the set deadline.

Winter semester 2023/24: 31th July 2023

Enrolment and examination certificates in English must be enclosed with applications. Please refer to the appropriate procedure for obtaining certificates.

No procedure with UNIPD is required for enrolling in the programme, if done out of personal interest.  Only those who wish to apply for credit recognition must carry out the procedure on Uniweb as per the instructions they will receive at their institutional email address during the course of the semester.  It is recommended that you enquire in advance about the recognition rules for your course of study and check the possibility of doing so with the Course President or their delegate, if necessary.

  Credit recognition

The recognition of credits is not guaranteed.
Only modules with credits may be recognised. A grade must be obtained for credits to be included in the plan, pass/failed modules are not recognised.
Some study courses do not allow recognition, others have specific regulations. You are always invited to enquire in advance about any restrictions and rules and in case of doubt to contact the President of your course of study or their delegate for confirmation.

Please note that students are responsible to check that not more than the 10% of credits foreseen by their study plan are taken online (through this programme or any other, included courses at UNIPD). 

Local Development students may only recognise credits outside the study plan.
All those who need to proceed with recognition must carry out an enrolment procedure and complete the learning agreement on Uniweb before the end of the semester. Participants will receive more detailed instructions to their institutional e-mail address.