International mobility

The Student Services Office, in collaboration with the International Office, promotes the full participation of students with disabilities or learning difficulties in international mobility programmes, as study periods or internships abroad complete a university education and foster greater independence. The Student Services Office organizes specific initiatives for incoming international and current University of Padova students who wish to participate in an exchange programme. These initiatives aim to make your study experience abroad not only possible but also fulfilling, regardless of your disability, learning difficulty, or vulnerability.

Mobility from Padova to other countries

The Student Services Office organizes an annual international mobility meeting during to provide an overview of exchange programmes and specific information on additional EU funds for disability. Students who wish to participate in an exchange programme can contact the Student Services Office:

  • for help choosing the destination and university;
  • for help with the international mobility application procedures;
  • to establish relations with the host university in order to organize the services you will need for your entire period abroad;

Students awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship may also ask for help filling in the application for additional EU funding from the Erasmus+ Indire National Agency for students with disabilities on international mobility schemes (Erasmus+ for studying or traineeships). 

International mobility to Padova

If you have a disability or a learning difficulty, or are a vulnerable student, you can arrange for favourable conditions during your stay in Padova by informing the Student Services Office of your condition before you arrive.

Contact them in person or via your home university by sending an e-mail with these attachments:

  • all documentation on your health condition/disability/learning difficulty in the original language and in English;
  • the contact details of the international exchange programmes coordinator at your university;
  • the name of the international exchange programmes contact person at the University of Padova;
  • the study plan with the courses you want to take in Italy;
  • a list of individual needs (use of aids or personalized ways of dealing with learning and examinations).

Special accommodation needs must be stated when you register online with either the SASSA service or ESU Accommodation. If you need 24-hour assistance, you can apply to live with a friend or course-mate; this must also be stated in the online accommodation application form. The website of the National Agency for Erasmus+ in your home country should be consulted to see whether the exchange programme allows you to apply for additional EU funding.


Student Services Office - Inclusion

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