Contacts - Erasmus outgoing

Projects and Mobility Office/Mobility Unit at Palazzo Anselmi (via Lungargine del Piovego – 35131 Padova)

Tel. 049 8275033, Fax. 049.8273060


Refer to the Mobility Unit for:

  • completing the Erasmus application on Uniweb (the helpdesk service is active:
  • procedures for accepting the Erasmus Grant on Uniweb (the helpdesk service is active:
  • signing the Grant Agreement
  • OLS test
  • EU Survey
  • extension requests
  • information on the end of mobility documents
  • information on payments

Refer to the Mobility Unit Desks at Schools/Departments for:

  • information on the Institutions abroad and on selection criteria
  • nominations to the partner universities
  • support in completing the Learning Agreement on Uniweb
  • support in completing the documents required by the partner university (Application Form, Accommodation Form)
  • support for the recognition of activities

Mobility Unit Desksat Schools/Departments

For educational matters regarding the Learning Agreement and the recognition of activities students should refer to the Academic Coordinator or the Head of the Degree Course or their delegate.