Guided tours to Sala dei Giganti

Sala dei Giganti (Arco Valaresso - Piazza Capitaniato 3/5 - 35139 Padova) is open for guided tours for groups by reservation only, subject to the availability of the room itself (Call centre - bookings: 049827.3939).
Guided tours are available from Monday to Friday. Meeting point is near Arco Vallaresso, main entrance to Sala dei Giganti.

  Tickets: prices and sales

Tickets include guide.

  • € 4,00: single adults (26-64 years);
  • € 3,00: over 65, mixed group (10-25 people), UniPadova Alumni, Supporting Members of Associazione degli Amici dell'Università di Padova, teachers and professors no UniPadova, Padova card;
  • € 2,00: young people (13-25 years), Servizio Civile volunteers, classes (10-25 students), UniPadova arts e science (showing the ticket from Botanical Garden/Palazzo Bo);
  • € 10,00: family ticket: 2 adults plus 1 to 3 children (max. 17 years)
  • Free admission: children (0-5 years), under 13 (6-12 years with a pay adult), UniPadova Students, UniPadova Professors and employees, UniPadova Senior Scholars, journalists, guides, groups couriers, disabled people and their helpers, institutional guests and authorities on official visits to the University, Meritorious Members of Associazione degli Amici dell'Università di Padova.

  Security general conditions

  • Access to the Sala dei Giganti shall be monitored with a maximum capacity of 25 people allowed per tour
  • During the tour, visitors are not permitted to touch the doors, the decor, and any surfaces (both inside and outside the palace) 
  • The entire tour will be completed on foot, and visitors are not permitted to sit on any chairs or benches 
  • By purchasing a ticket, the visitor accepts the general conditions of access to the Sala dei Giganti  established on the basis of the measures outlined in the Prime Ministerial Decree of May 17, 2020, of the Ordinance of the President of the Regional Council of Veneto (l'Ordinanza del Presidente della Giunta regionale del Veneto), n. 48 of May 17, 2020 and of the General Protocol for the fight against and the containment of COVID-19, compiled by the University of Padua, which further states that all visitors must:
  • Acknowledge the containment measures of the COVID-19 contagion in place from today, as well as the relative penal sanctions, including those for false statements; 
  • Acknowledge the obligation of self-isolation at one's domicile or place of residence and the withdrawal of access privileges to the Sala dei Giganti should individuals present flu-like symptoms (having a fever above 37.5°C, coughing, having respiratory difficulties, and showing other symptoms such as widespread myalgias (muscle pain), ageusia (loss of taste), and anosmia (loss of smell);
  • Acknowledge that if individuals who have been in contact with other individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 14 days are not permitted to access the premises; 
  • Acknowledge that access to the Sala dei Giganti of persons who previously tested positive for COVID-19 must is satisfactory only upon providing a medical certificate attesting to a negative result;
  • Acknowledge that access to the Sala dei Giganti is only granted to persons who will wear a mask both inside and outside the building; 
  • Acknowledge that everyone must comply with social distancing procedures that require individuals to maintain a distance of 1 meter from each other throughout the entire site, as well as during all stops and waiting periods throughout the tour; 
  • Promptly notify the site's surveillance staff if symptoms of discomfort (e.g. fever, cough) emerge during the visit, making sure to remain at a suitable distance from other persons present on site, as well as to have read and complied with all the legal measures and the General Protocol for the fight against and containment of the COVID-19 virus drafted by the University of Padua.

  How to get to Sala dei Giganti

The nearest airport to Padua is the Marco Polo International Airport (about 30 Km) Connections are provided by a bus service (Busitalia), running every half an hour to the Padua train Station (Trenitalia; Italo) which is close to the city centre. From there you can reach Palazzo Liviano/Piazza Capitaniato on foot in about 15 minutes. There is also a bus service – Bus n. 6 running every 10 minutes from the bus station to the vicinity of Piazza Capitaniato: Milano bus stop (Busitalia).

Palazzo Liviano lies in a limited traffic area (ZTL) where cars are not allowed without a special permission. The nearest parking lots can be found in Prato della Valle area (15 minutes, on foot).

Sala dei Giganti is situated in Palazzo Liviano and the main staircase entrance is near Arco Valaresso (map).

Public Engagement Office

Call centre -  bookings: +39 049827.3939
Everyday: 9-17