ERC: Antonino Milone

Download Project: GALFOR - The formation of the Galaxy: constraints from globular clusters (2017- 2022)

Antonino Milone


ERC Grantee: Antonino Milone

Department:  Physics and Astronomy

Total Contribution: Euro 717.246,00

Project Duration in months: 60

Start Date: 01/10/2017
End Date: 01/10/2022

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Antonino Milone is associate professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

He completed his Master degree (2005) and PhD (2009) in Astronomy at the University of Padova. He was then postdoctoral fellow at the ‘istituto de astrofisica de Canarias’ (2010-2012) and at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Australian National University (2013-2017). His research activity is mostly focused on photometry, astrometry, and spectroscopy of stellar populations in star clusters and on their role in the assembly of the host galaxy. Antonino is either leading author or coauthor of 128 papers on peer-reviewed journals, including 26 first-author papers. According to NASA ADS, on October 24th 2018, the number of citations of these papers is ~7300 and the number of citations of his first-author papers alone is ~1900. His h-factor is 48. Antonino was awarded of a Juan de La Cierva grant from the Spanish ‘Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovacion, y Universidades’ (2010), of a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award from the Australian Research Council (2013) and of a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (2017) to trace the series of events that led from massive clouds in the early Universe to the GCs we see today, with their multiple populations. In 2017 he was awarded of the prize ‘Feltrinelli giovani per l’astronomia’ from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei.