red benches

Words and actions for gender equality


The University of Padua is dedicated to promoting well-being, and eliminating discrimination, violence and gender-related stereotypes through institutional actions and cultural and training interventions. In November 2022, the initiatives proposed by the University to promote gender equality expanded with the inclusion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women which is celebrated on 25 November.

The University of Padua joins the Posto occupato campaign as a concrete gesture dedicated to all female victims of violence. Each one of the murdered women, before a husband, ex-boyfriend, lover or stranger ended their lives, had a place in society. Today we reserve a place for them, as a reminder of where they once stood, from the theatre, the tram, the school, the subway, in our classrooms, so that day-to-day life does not submerge such places into a symbol of absence but rather manifesting them into the present.  

The University also adheres to The Red Benches Project, by installing a red bench in an area of the University of Padua Hospital as a permanent reminder that domestic violence also occurs in our community. The project began last year at the Palazzo Bo and will continue annually by placing it across different locations on November 25, as a proclamation against violence the right to freedom, and the right to live without fear.

The Red Benches Project aims to raise awareness of domestic violence as a call on political leaders to articulate their commitment to ending gender-based violence.

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