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XX Century design at Palazzo Bo


During winter holidays, the University of Padua will be offering special guided tours to discover the spaces conceived and designed by Gio Ponti, the renowned Milanese architect who left a remarkable influence at Unipd. From December 27 until 29 and from January the 2 until 6.

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vegetali blu

Christmas at the Botanical Garden


Art, entertainment, science, workshops and guided tours. The annual arrival of Christmas at the Botanical Garden is back until January 6, 2020 a holiday event of art, entertainment and science that the Botanical Garden dedicates to the public during the winter season.

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Natale all'Orto botanico


Arte, spettacolo, scienza, laboratori, visite guidate. Fino al 6 gennaio torna la rassegna Natale all’Orto botanico dell’Università di Padova: la manifestazione tra arte, spettacolo e scienza che l’Orto botanico dedica ai cittadini e al pubblico in occasione delle festività invernali.

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albero in cortile

The University during the holiday season


All academic activities are suspended from Saturday, December 22, 2019 to Monday, January 6, 2020, and the University’s central administration offices are closed December 25 - January 6. During the holidays Unipd promotes many initiatives in its historical buildings, in its museums and at the Botanical Garden

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"Seconda Natura": Quayola at the Botanical Garden


Second Nature is an exhibition by artist the Quayola. The exhibition aims at offering a new interpretation of the plant world with a contemporary look. The project is on display at the Botanical Gardens, a place that has witnessed some of the most important scientific discoveries found in botany.

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