Tales of the Unexpected. Mobilities stories in the times of a pandemic


Since March 2020 the mobility experience has become the biggest challenge for exchange students ever. COVID-19 pandemic has radically transformed mobility, by creating startling situations and forcing students to make unexpected and even sudden decisions.

Joining the Erasmus Days 2020 (15-16-17 October), a three days celebration of the Erasmus Programme across Europe, the Mobility Unit of the University of Padova promotes “Tales of the Unexpected - Mobilities Stories in the times of a Pandemic”: a storytelling initiative for both Incoming and Outgoing students who can share their stories using a virtual notice board.

The first stories of mobilities which took place in the academic year 2019/2020 were published by students on a padlet.

"Mobility is a challenge in itself and in the time of Covid-19 it has turned into a real adventure ¬ commented Veronica Costa, Head of the Mobility Sector at Unipd -. We have implemented this initiative because no story is more interesting than another and each one of them deserves to be told. We considered it essential to give a voice to our students and allow them to express and share their perspectives on what was certainly the strangest and most complex year in the decades-long history of our international mobility programmes".

Read, watch, listen to "Tales of Unexpected"!
And if you have been an Erasmus Student at Unipd, please tell us about your experience and enrich with your story this collective tale: write to with subject "Tales of Unexpected".