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Stars@Unipd: the University of Padua funds 48 researchers of excellence


Thanks to the Supporting TAlent in ReSearch@University of Padova - Stars@Unipd 2019 call, The University of Padua will finance 48 researchers of excellence with 7 million euros in funds. Three separate committees of international experts judged those conducting innovative and ambitious research in Europe, experts from each committee covered the fields of Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as Physical Sciences and Engineering. 

The committees comprised of scholars from the highest levels of their respected research fields, originating from prestigious institutes and universities across Europe, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Geneva.  The committee used their long and in-depth experience to select the best talents in the framework of European calls and that of the European Research Council – ERC.

With 181 proposals submitted, the candidates ranged from various macro-areas, increasing the number of applicants from the previous edition in 2017. The 48 funded projects will start in 2020, lasting for 2 years.  During this time, the project's scientific managers will have to submit a request for funding to the ERC.

“Everyone, or almost everyone, agrees that for Italy to grow it needs to create value with an economy based in knowledge.   The lack of graduates, along with the loss of laboriously trained human capital, represents a great weakness for our country, explains Rector Rosario Rizzuto. Moreover, we, as a University must show that the best way to face such challenges is with academic research.  For this reason, we finance innovative and ambitious projects, designed and built, day after day, by compelling and passionate University of Padua researchers.  I am thrilled that our Stars program has received continued interest, and I wish the 48 researchers much success in their respective areas.  By consecutively obtaining two first places in the ANVUR quality of research rating, the University of Padua has claimed itself with utmost potential; such capital must continue to grow.”

In fact, through the Stars call, the University promotes and encourages innovative and ambitious high-standard international research in Padua, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the ability to attract external competitive funding.  The call is an action aimed at encouraging the University to compete in European funded incentives, particularly within the framework of the European Research Council (ERC), and to spread a positive and open attitude towards funding opportunities for basic research internationally.