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The University of Padua and the Veneto Region offer several fee-waiver options. Below is a list of the funding opportunities that are most often used by international students in Padova.

  Fee-waivers for students enrolling in degree programmes held in English a.y. 2024/25

The University of Padua offers 100 full tuition fee-waivers to students enrolling in one of its degree programmes held completely in English. Fee-waivers are offered for 1 academic year.

Amount of fee-waiver: you will have to pay the first instalment only and you will be exempted from the second and third instalments of tuition fees due

Duration of fee-waiver: the fee-waiver will be granted for 1 academic year and can be renewed:

  • upon the achievement of at least 25 credits by the 10th of August of the 2 nd year;
  • (only for Bachelor’s and Single-Cycle degree students) upon the achievement of at least 80 credits by the 10th of August of the 3 rd year.

After the duration above indicated, beneficiary students will be required to cover their tuition fees until graduation.

Who can apply: talented prospective international students from all over the world, having obtained their previous degree outside Italy, and wishing to enrol in one of the degree programmes held in English at the University of Padua.

How to apply: you can be considered for the selection procedure, under penalty of exclusion, if you:

  • do not possess an Italian citizenship (except for dual citizenship including Italian);
  • hold a non-Italian foreign secondary school diploma (for Bachelor's or Single cycle degrees applicants) or a non-Italian Bachelor's degree (for Master's degrees applicants) allowing admission to the Italian University system;
  • do not reside in Italy
  • apply to a degree programmes completely taught in English at the University of Padua. Please remember that you can apply up to 3 degree programmes.

If you meet the requirements, you will be automatically included in the selection procedure. There is no separate application or additional specific documents to be submitted besides those required to apply for the selected degree programme.

The best candidates of each degree programme (100 in total) will be awarded the fee-waivers based on their curriculum, personal motivation, language skills, etc.

Fee-waiver selection results follow the same procedure and timing as those applicable for Padua International Excellence Scholarships and Departmental scholarships results.

Acceptance: you must accept your place, pay the admission fee within the deadline indicated in Offer Letter and be able to comply with the conditions to finalise your enrolment at the University of Padua.

  Partial or total fee waivers for low-income students

The University of Padova provides various partial and total exemptions for the tuition fees, such as for example:

  • Exemption for students with disability: Students with disability enrolled in degree courses, PhD courses and specialisation schools, who have a level of disability officially recognised between 66% and 100% by NHS commissions or with disability recognised as per article 3, par. 1 of Law 104 of 5 February 1992, are fully exempted from paying the all-inclusive fee; students with disability enrolled in degree courses, PhD courses and specialisation schools, who have a level of disability officially recognised between 50% and 65% by NHS commissions and with an ISEE up to € 28,000.00, are partially exempted. The application for exemption is considered submitted by informing the University of the disability using the student’s reserved area on Uniweb and then by handing in the certification to the Student Service Office (in person in Via Portello 23 in Padova or by email to inclusione.studenti@unipd.it).
  • Exemption for working students: students who are simultaneously engaged in work activities, with an annual income for 2022 or 2023 of at least € 3,500.00 are granted reduction of the all-inclusive fee based on their ISEE.
  • Exemption for students belonging to the same household: students belonging to the same household with ISEE up to € 30,000.00 who are simultaneously enrolled in Padova University first, single, second cycle degree or Ph.D. and specialization courses for academic year 2023/24, are granted a reduction of euro 300 each
  • Exemptions for parents: female and male students are granted the exemption of the second and the third instalment due for the academic year of their children’s birth
  • Exemption for merit for newly enrolled students: such exemption is granted to students enrolled for the first year of first and single cycle degree courses: if the high school diploma final mark is equal to 60/60 or 100/100; second cycle degree courses: if the final mark of the first degree course is equal to 110/110 or 110/110 cum laude.
  • Students with refugee or subsidiary protection status are fully exempt from the all-inclusive fee, includingthe pre- registration fee; however, the stamp duty and the regional fee for the right to university educationremain due. The application for this exemption will be considered to have been submitted after submissionof a certification of refugee status, to be sent via email to benefici.studenti@unipd.it andunipd.rescuefund@unipd.it by the end of the current academic year.

Some of the exemptions in the prospectus below are applied automatically by the University, others need the online request of economic benefits in Uniweb (Richiesta di Agevolazioni - Application for benefits) from 12th July to 30th November
For detailed information, please check the Guide.

  Fee-waivers reserved for part-time students

Students who, due to work or family responsibilities or for health reasons, feel they can only study part of their time, may opt for part-time students.

This option is limited to two academic years during which no more than 72 credits may be obtained. It can also be renewed, so the duration of part-time studies is equal - at most - to twice the duration normally envisaged for the course of study. 

For each academic year, part-time enrolment requires payment of the regional tax, stamp duty and 60% of the tuition fee paid by students enrolled in the same full-time course.

The option for part-time study is incompatible with all other forms of partial exemption from contributions (excluding exemption by law and by merit), and with participation in the competition for student collaborations (200 hours).

The application must be submitted by 30 October 2022, on Uniweb, under "Initiatives".

  Esu Extraordinary Grants - Notice of Competition for A.Y. 2023-2024

Esu of Padua announces each year a Competition for the allocation of extraordinary grants intended to remedy situations of particular and exceptional economic hardship, such as to hinder or compromise the continuation of studies.

Students regularly enrolled for A.Y. 2023/2024 in a year following the first may apply for the extraordinary grant:

1. at the University of Padua for a number of years, starting from that of first matriculation, equal to the legal duration of the course plus one year
2. to courses in the upper period of the Conservatori di Musica of Adria, Castelfranco Veneto, Padua, Rovigo and Vicenza for a number of years equal to the legal duration of the course attended, with reference to the year of first enrollment plus one year
3. to first- and second-level ordinamental/experimental courses activated at the Conservatories of Music respectively pursuant to Ministerial Decree 8.10.2003 prot. no. 629/AFAM/2003 and 8.01.2004 prot.no. 1/AFAM/2004 for the period indicated below:
- ordinamental/experimental first-level courses for seven semesters (seven years for those enrolled in part-time study) with reference to the year of first enrollment
- ordinamental/experimental second-level courses for five semesters (five years for those enrolled in part-time study), with reference to the year of first enrollment

4. to the degree courses of the Higher Schools for Linguistic Mediators of Padua, Vicenza and CIELS seat of Padua Milan - LIMEC and ROME 
5. to the master's degree courses of the CIELS Higher School for Linguistic Mediators seat of Padua Milan - LIMEC and ROME, activated in accordance with Ministerial Decree No. 243/2020 for a period of five semesters starting from the year of first matriculation.

Application period: from December 5, 2023 - 12:00 noon to Feb. 6, 2024 - 12:00 noon

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