Financial benefits and accommodation

Students with disabilities, learning difficulties and other health conditions, including temporary ones, may decide to communicate their condition to the Student Services Office - Inclusion Unit in order to take advantage of the dedicated free support for class attendance, study and exams and any eventual financial benefit provided by law.  

To do so, you must send your certification/diagnosis to the Inclusion Unit. If you have a particularly complex condition, it is suggested that you request a meeting with the Inclusion Unit staff using the online appointment request form.

  Certification submission

Documents must be emailed to, in a single PDF file containing all pages conforming to the original:

  • Certificate of Invalidity
  • Law 104/1992
  • Certified diagnosis of specific learning disorder (SLD)  issued no more than three years ago, if before the age of 18 years, or at a time after the age of 18 years, by local public health facilities or by bodies and professionals accredited with the regional health service. Where not already specified in the diagnosis, also attach the document proving the accreditation code or number (to be obtained from the facility or accredited professional, if necessary).
    An expired diagnosis can also be submitted; however, by September 30 of the academic year related to the submission, the updated one must be sent to
    Personalized individual plans, learning difficulties diagnosis issued before the last school term (secondary school in Italy, corresponds to age 14 - 18) and/or by unaccredited private individuals are not accepted under any circumstances. 
  • Certifications of Special Educational Needs, such as ADHD
  • Medical certificate proving a particular health condition, including temporary ones
  • Legalized certification, where required by current international regulations, attesting the state of invalidity or learning difficulties, issued in the country of residence, accompanied by a sworn or certified translation from the Italian diplomatic representations, conforming to the original text, in Italian or English. 

On Uniweb it is possible to check the status of the certification under "Right to university studies, disability disclosure, summer courses".

Other useful information:
All indications and documentation provided are treated confidentially and subject to current privacy regulations; Certifications are to be submitted only once and remain valid for their entire duration.

  Exemption from student contribution

Specific exemptions are reserved for students enrolled in courses of study, PhD and Specialisation Schools with invalidity recognized by the Commissions of the National Health Service with a percentage from 50% to 60% (by submission of ISEE) and with invalidity with a percentage from 66% to 100% or with recognition of a disability pursuant to Article 3, of Law No. 104 of February 5, 1992 with no need to submit the ISEE. Information about this is available under the accordion  + Partial or total fee waivers for low-income students on this web page.

In order to obtain the exemption (or eventually a refund of the student contribution already paid in excess), it is necessary to send by September 30 of the academic year for which it is requested, a valid documentation of the invalidity and/or Law 104/1992 to the email address:

Once the exemption is confirmed, student contribution reduction benefits will automatically be applied for all subsequent academic years. Should the submitted documentation be subject to revision or change in the percentage of invalidity assigned by the relevant committees, updated documentation needs to be sent to as soon as possible but no later than September 30 of the current academic year.

Further details on merit and income requirements and how to apply for the scholarship can be found under Funding and Fees.


In order to request for the Regional Scholarship students need to apply for the annual call based on income and merit criteria. In case of an invalidity equal to or greater than 66% recognized by the National Health Service, or with a disability recognized by Article 3, paragraph 1, of Law Feb. 5, 1992, No. 104, students enrolled in degrees, Masters and single-cycle degree programs are entitled to take advantage of differentiated merit criteria for the granting of benefits, which are distributed for a higher number of semesters than students without disabilities.

Further details on merit and income requirements and how to apply for the scholarship can be found under Funding and Fees.


The ESU of Padova offers students with mobility impairment rooms equipped with an adapted bathroom and room to host a companion, as well as two housing units with smart home-technologies. Furthermore, accommodation is also available for students with visual impairments (with tactile markers, possibility of accommodating a guide-dog and a companion) and accommodation for students with hearing impairment (equipped with lighted alert systems).

More details about participation in the ESU call for applications and other accommodation can be found here:

Student Services Office - Inclusion

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