"Mille e una lode" Award (second or third year students only)

The University of Padova offers 1.000 merit-based awards to excellent students in each degree course.

You are eligible for the Mille e una lode award if you:

  • are enrolled at the University of Padova as a second or third year student;
  • you rank in the top 3% of your class, considering the average ECTS and scores gained until August of the current academic year.

How to apply:  you are not required to apply specifically for the programme, as the scholarship is assigned automatically to top students in their class.

Amount of the award: the award consists of services for a total value of euro 1.000 each. Successful students can chose among:

  • funding to study abroad (or increase in your Erasmus scholarship)
  • funding for curricular internships in Italy or abroad
  • funding for post-lauream internships, to start within 12 months after graduation
  • funding for tutoring (50 hours).

 “Mille e una lode” award can be combined with regional and mobility scholarships.

Call 2016/17 (in Italian)

  Student-athlete incentives

The University of Padova offers economic support to student-athletes competing at particularly high levels (e.g. representing national teams, champions of category in the national championships, etc).

Who can apply: any student meeting the criteria below:

  • excellence in the field of sports of particular competitive importance
  • achievement of at least 20 ECTS for each academic year, of which at least 6 during the month of February for those enrolled in the first year.

When to apply: applications must be sent by 30 November 2017 for 2017/2018 academic year.

Amount of the award: annual contribution of euro 1.500 for students with ISEE certification lower than euro 60.000. The award also includes support of a tutor and the opportunity to take exams out of the institutional session, previous agreement with the involved professors.

  Incentive for students enrolled in scientific first cycle degree courses (second or third year students only)

The University of Padova offers an annual merit-based economic support to a selection of students enrolled in scientific degree courses.

You are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • being enrolled at second or third year in scientific first cycle degree courses, coded with one of the following: L-7, L-8, L-9, L-27, L-30, L-31, L-34, L-35, L-41;
  • ranking among best students in your class
  • economic condition as certified by ISEE (check Key Documents for more information)

How to apply: you are not required to apply specifically for it, as the award is assigned automatically to eligible students.

Amount of the award: euro 400, as reduction of second and thirst instalments of due tuition fees.

Call 2017/18 (in Italian)

Awards from others organizations

  Infineon scholarships - deadline: 15-10-2018

The University of Padova, together with Infineon Technologies Italia S.r.l., is announcing a competition to award two scholarships of 5,000.00 Euros each, for a.y. 2018/19 to help deserving students continue their studies in the Second-cycle (Master’s) degree in “ICT for Internet and multimedia”.

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