Enrolment Office - Ufficio Immatricolazioni

The Enrolment Office (Ufficio Immatricolazioni) is a temporary office, located in via Venezia 13, Padova (close to "Fiera"), which offers information concerning pre-applications and applications, taxes and scholarships, study advice and more thanks to several desks that will be detailed below soon. At the Enrolment Office you can complete the application procedure after having successfully passed the admission test. There is also an Internet Point where you can carry out web-based procedures.

9 July- 31 August 2018:

  • Monday-Friday 9 am-1 pm. Closed from 6 to 18 August.

3 September - 28 September (closed on 4 and 12 September):

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9 am-4 pm
  • Wednesday and Friday 9 am-1 pm

1- 25 October 2018: 

  • Monday-Friday 9 am-1 pm

After 25 October, you must enrol directly at the Student Office.

You can also ask general information about the procedures to the University Call centre (Mon-Fri 9-17:  +39 049 827 3131).

  Foreign Qualification Desk

The Foreign Qualification Desk is in charge to verify foreign qualifications of both EU (including Italians who obtained a diploma/degree abroad) and non-EU applicants.

Info: titoliesteri.studenti@unipd.it

Opening hours: see Enrolment Office.

  International Office - Welcome and SAOS Desks

The International Office welcomes all international students who have chosen the University of Padova to pursue their degree. It provides assistance before and during their stay in Padova about application and enrolment procedures, Buddy tutoring service, Italian Tax Code, etc.
Moreover, at the SAOS Desk they can be helped with filling out the application forms for the issue of their residence permit.

Opening hours:

  • Welcome Desk opening hours: Mon - Fri 10 am- 1pm (20 August-28 September)
  • SAOS Desk opening hours: Mon - Wed 10am - 1pm; Thu 10am- 12.30pm (21 August - 28 September)

Info: international.admission@unipd.it


  Galilean School of Higher Education Desk

The Galileian School of Higher Education Desk provides students with all information concerning the School.
e-mail: scuola.galileiana@unipd.it

Opening hours to be published soon.