Selection no.2020L11

Public selection no. 2020L11, is aimed at drawing up a list of merit list for a contract of temporary subordinate employment, as governed by private law. The selection, based on qualifications and an interview, is for part-time English Language Experts and Collaborators (500 hours a year) for a period of 12 months at the University Language Centre of the University of Padova.

Deadline March 4, 2020, 2 p.m.

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Type:  TEMPORARY employment contract
Category: Language Expert and Collaborator (CEL)
Places: selection carried out in order to draw up a list of merit
Structure: University Language Centre
Type of commitment: 500 hours for a period of 12 months

Qualification required: degree (the types of degree allowed are specified in the selection notice)

 Successful candidates will be required to:

  • undertake English language teaching support activities aimed at students, lecturers and University staff. These activities may include face-to-face classes, online courses or blended learning, and include the preparation of teaching material;
  • collaborate in creating, giving and marking end-of-course tests, exams and continuous assessment.

 The following professional skills, knowledge and competences are also required:

  • an excellent command of the English language and mastery of written and oral production;
  • a scientific understanding of the forms and structures of the English language;
  • knowledge of the materials available to teach languages, especially English;
  • knowledge of the teaching and testing of the English language;
  • an understanding of the use of technology in language teaching;
  • IT skills and knowledge of software used to create online materials for both language teaching and assessment;
  • an interest in learning about new techniques for the creation of online learning materials;
  • excellent teamwork skills and ability to communicate with ‘internal’ and ‘external’ users;
  • excellent ability to manage and organise one's workload, and to meet  strict deadlines.

Relevant qualifications and skills will be evaluated according to the professional competences outlined in the selection notice.

  1. Experience in teaching, training and support activities for English language teaching relevant to the activities of the position of CEL: max 16 points
  2.  Additional qualifications and training (other than the degree required to apply for this position) relevant to English language teaching activities: max 10 points
  3. Further professional experience relevant to the position offered, which may involve the development of materials for language teaching, and/or the fields of language testing and certification. Professional experience also related to the development and/or use of online resources for language teaching support. These experiences must be accompanied by details of the materials produced: max  8 points
  4. Any positions or specific professional activities which are relevant to the position of a CEL: max 5 points
  5. Publications relevant to language teaching: max 1 point

The selection of candidates is based on qualifications and an interview.

The interview may cover the following topics:

  • metalinguistic knowledge of the English language;
  • language teaching methodologies;
  • the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe;
  • learner autonomy in language learning;
  • language skills assessment;
  • collaborative language learning;
  • innovative approaches in foreign language teaching;
  • grammar teaching;
  • development of language skills;
  • syllabus design for foreign language courses;
  • materials creation for language learning;
  • intercultural communication skills.


The interview will take place at 9.00 on 19th March 2020 in Aula 1G, Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, Via Venezia 16, Padua. Candidates will not receive any further communication or invitation to attend this interview.


To take part in the selection procedure, applicants must fill in and submit their application electronically.
Please read the instructions carefully.

Electronic procedure to fill in and submit your application

Applications must be completed and submitted electronically by the deadline specified in the section below.

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