venetonight 2021
Studentesse e studenti

Ventonight 2021


Venetonight, the Researcher’s night organized by the University of Padua, returns in presence with the new edition 2021. The event takes place at Palazzo Bo and at the Beato Pellegrino Complex on September 24, at 6 pm.

Along Piovego River, the event also offers to people of all ages laboratories invented by researchers of the University, animating for one night the avenue with demonstrations and experiments. There will also be appointments with science stories from the Speakers' Corner in the new courtyard of Palazzo Bo and one of the cloisters of the Beato Pellegrino Complex.

The Botanical Garden with the Planet Book exhibition and the university museums will be open extraordinarily.
In addition to the in-person activities that can be booked, there are also online activities, with 35 appointments to follow live and the publication of new informative videos.

Registration for the activities is open on