Universities require a Green Pass for all In-Person Lessons and Activities


In the August 5, session of The Council of Ministers the Law Degree stating, “Theurgent measures for the safety of school activities, in the field of universities and transport”, takes effect as of September 1, 2021.

According to the new Government measures, "all university staff and university students (which can be randomly controlled) must be holders of a Green Pass."

Information For Receiving The EU Digital COVID Green Certificate

University Rectors of the Veneto Region including, Rosario Rizzuto of The University of Padua, Alberto Ferlenga of The University of Venice (IUAV), Tiziana Lippiello of Ca' Foscari University, and Pier Francesco Nocini of The University of Verona have issued a joint statement:

“The introduction of the green pass for university staff and university students, announced by the President of the Council of Ministers, constitutes a strong invitation to get vaccinated and thus return to attend university activities in person under a safe environment. For our part, we firmly adhere to this invitation by making it our own: the return to university activities in person, as a place of exchange and comparison between students and teachers, is an irreplaceable value and represents the very essence of what it is to be a university.”

As Universities of the Veneto Region, we are ready to reopen our classrooms and spaces to full capacity. We are ready to restore the fullness of university life in compliance with all safety regulations that ensure the continuous and wide interaction between teachers and students. At the same time, we have prepared a series of measures and services that shall remain valid throughout all academic lessons and activities including measures dedicated to some specific categories for students who are unable to attend classes, beyond the scope of the health emergency. Throughout the past year and a half, the four universities of our region have demonstrated what they can achieve in the face of a pandemic and the measures to take to contain its spread. With the high percentage of vaccinated educators and technical-administrative staff, we have witnessed only a few isolated cases of infection and no outbreak. We are now ready to restart and we look forward to welcoming all students in September! "

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