The photographing cultural heritage workshop is underway


Organized by the Department of Cultural Heritage, the new Photographing cultural heritage workshop on archaeology, art history, cinema, and music of the University of Padua kicks off on 11 March.

The workshop is intended for students of degree courses in History and Artistic and Musical Heritage, Planning and Management of Cultural Tourism, Archaeology, Arts, Music, and Entertainment aims to provide the basic technical theoretical and practical knowledge of photographic documentation for cultural heritage.

Students will be provided with the techniques applied to scientific photography for the documentation of cultural heritage. Highlighting the operational choices as a personal interpretation of the subject and the purposes of the photographic documentation. The tools, techniques, and methods of interpreting subjects are referred to professional scientific photography services.

With a total duration of 20 hours and compulsory attendance the workshop takes place in-person as 18 hours consists of lessons and 2 of practice on a real cultural heritage photoshoot. Each participant must prepare a short report on the shooting techniques adopted for the images present in an assigned article, highlighting the advantages and limitations for the representation of the subjects and the understanding of the text. The workshop includes two intermediate summary and verification tests. 

Enrollment is open from 26 February to 5 March 2024. Write to, include your full name, academic code, degree course, year of the course and confirm whether you expect to graduate in the sessions between June and October 2024.