Pansodia, the 2020 International Jazz Day 2020


"Pansodia" is the title of this year’s International Jazz Day at the University of Padova: a collection of musical works available on the 24-hour live stream University of Padua YouTube channel on April 30.

Pansodia is a feature film created by combining notes, words, images, movements, all arranged in small videos and produced within the homes of those who have proposed the initiative.
We wanted to transport our views elsewhere, using an "open" message during a time that has enclosed and has created distances with other humans. Pansodia is a "global ode" emerging from the pandemic. It is a contemporary and extemporaneous jam session, combining fragments, improvisations, flashbacks and projections. Pansodia is a jazz tribute from the University of Padua. The way in which we are living is an unheard of and unrecorded time of history. Please join us, this is an opportunity not to be missed as we dedicate music and song to those who we have lost.

Pansodia is a jazz opera “under construction” including: Marina Santi (Creative Director), Alessandro Fedrigo (Artistic Director), Diego Scano with Matteo Calore (Film Editors) and over 100 musicians, intellectuals, artists, and students, as well as jazz musicians Jimmy Weistein, Lilly Santon, Claudio Fasoli, Paolo Fresu, Ada Montellanico, Nicola Fazzini, Bjorn Alterhaug, Ajay Heble, Francoise Houle, Stian Westerhus, and as always, the Unipd Big Band directed by Michele Polga along with many more!

A list of all participants are available online on Facebook.