Omics for studying stem cells in model and non-model aquatic invertebrate systems


The virtual training school 'Omics for studying stem cells in model and non-model aquatic  invertebrate systems' will be held from September 6 to October 8, 2021, within the Maristem COST Action 16203 coordinated by Prof. Loriano Ballarin and Ildiko Somorjai (University of St Andrews, UK). The school is broken down into 5 week-long modules on different topics centred around ‘omics technologies for the study of stem cells in aquatic invertebrate, mostly non-model systems': week 1 - Genomics Module, week 2 - Transcriptomics Module, week 3 - Proteomics Module, week 4 - Metabolomics Module, week 5 - Single Cell Sequencing Module.

Lectures and online tutorials will be delivered using Zoom, recorded and provided online for the trainees to consult. All students should have internet access and are expected to participate in the entire training course. Although the course runs for 5 weeks, online attendance by students is only required Mondays, 2 hours on Friday mornings as well as in the afternoon of the last Friday of the Training School, on October 8This course is therefore designed to be compatible with the students’ weekly lab work and duties. 

25 trainees (students registered for a PhD or postdoctoral researchers at recognised Universities or Institutes for Higher Education) will be invited upon successful application. Course participants must be from EU COST Action member states and affiliated countries in order to be formally recognised as having attended the training course. 

The deadline for applications is: July 16, 2021.