Multilingualism on my mind


The research group Multilingualism on My Mind (MoMM) at the University of Bergen’s Department of Foreign Languages (see the About MoMM page) is organizing a two-day virtual conference on multilingualism in education from 18-19 March 2021.

The decision to hold such a conference comes as societies become increasingly multicultural and linguistically diverse, with far-reaching implications for how education is conceptualized, delivered, and received. 

The MoMM 2021 conference welcomes contributions also from Arqus Alliance partners - such as the University of Padova - and from a variety of perspectives to explore these questions and others related to multilingualism in education. The conference would like to invite proposals from researchers, including Ph.D. and master’s students, that cover original research on multilingualism in education. Proposals can also cover practitioner accounts of implementing specific activities and approaches related to multilingualism in education. Teachers are therefore strongly encouraged to submit such proposals and share their experiences.

All proposals must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another conference. Each participant can submit a maximum of one proposal where they are the sole author of their work. They may submit a second proposal where the work was a collaborative project between several authors. The deadline for submissions is 20 January 2021.