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Futura Campus & Labs opens in Piazzola sul Brenta


Inaugurating the Futura Campus & Labs structure on Wednesday 29 March as the operational headquarters of Fondazione Piazzola Futuro, and as a new university study room.  Students can access the study room in the evening using a university badge in connection to the University of Padua library system and its IT resources. The new campus will host lessons, interactive workshops, seminars, and artistic and creative initiatives through scientific and technological approaches bringing forth growth by strengthening interpersonal, social and psychological skills.

Activities of Futura Campus & Labs will include complementary programs for primary and secondary schools, afternoon recreational activities for young people as well as courses and seminars for adults. Adults and children will have access to the new structure (via Mons. Bergamin 5, Piazzola sul Brenta) as a place to grow and hone skills to enhance the community with a new generation of professionals capable of working in Digital Presence, Cultural Heritage, Industrial Heritage, Digital Tourism, Augmented Reality and Virtual Experience, 4D Cinema, Multimedia Technology and Human-Computer Interaction.

Futura Campus & Labs aims to become a national centre of excellence in digital humanities, a new field of study that integrates the humanities with digital and multimedia systems, especially related to data management and formalizing research phases and techniques for sharing results.

The University of Padua Rector Daniela Mapelli comments, “The Futura Campus & Labs is the result of the determination and commitment of the Piazzola Futuro Foundation as a concrete example of the strong connection with the community defined as a place for everyone, where students and the local community coexist. Futura Campus & Labs will become a meeting point for young people who gravitate to the Piazzola sul Brenta area as a new spacious study room connected to the Padua University library system.”

President of the Piazzola Futuro Foundation and the University of Padua Delegate for Research Funding Relations Luciano Gamberini comments, “The Piazzola Futuro Foundation aim to further enrich the wonderful area around Padua, and in particular the Municipality of Piazzola sul Brenta, with innovative cultural, scientific and social activities. With training courses, interactive laboratories and workshops, we welcome not just youths but people of all ages to face the emerging phenomena of digital transition and transformation of society. We will do it in an inclusive, scientifically solid and even fun way thanks to the new headquarters and the effort of all the "animators" that the Foundation has brought together. The University of Padua is also pleased that a part of the new spaces of Futura Campus and Labs is dedicated to the opening of the first University-Municipality study room for off-site students, allowing students to save on travel while remaining connected to the University library system.”

Futura campus