The first three-year period of the Arqus Alliance comes to a successful close. A second phase will kick off soon


The event "Arqus between the past and the future" took place at Palazzo Bo, University of Padua on Thursday, September 1, with over 80 people attending. During the event, the results achieved by the Arqus European University Alliance during its first three years of activity (2019-2022) were presented, and the new scenarios and opportunities that will open up for the University of Padua -thanks to a second funding recently approved by the European Commission- were introduced.

Arqus will officially conclude its first three-year period on September 30. The University of Padua is one of the founding members of the Alliance and, after coordinating Action Line 2 "Widening Access, Inclusion and Diversity" during the first phase, it will now measure itself with new stimulating challenges, maintaining a leading role within Arqus. It will (co)coordinate three Work Packagesstudent engagement, for the co-creation of an open and innovative European Alliance; mobility, through the experimentation of quality, innovative, inclusive and sustainable forms of mobility; and diversity and inclusion, in continuity with the work done so far. In addition to this, it will actively participate in all other planned initiatives.


Dora Maria Cornelia Longoni (manager of the International Relations Area) and Cristina Basso (pro-rector of International Relations) opened the event with a few introductory remarks. Fernando Galán, Coordinator of the Alliance, addressed the participants from Granada. The local coordinators of the Action Lines (AL2: Benedetta Zatti; AL3: Veronica Costa; AL4: Caroline Clark; AL5: Andrea Berti; AL6: Francesco Paolo Russo; AL7: Paolo De Stefani) presented the main results achieved during this first three-year period. Two Unipd people involved in Arqus briefly spoke about their experience: student Francesca Furlan and researcher Omar Hashem Abdo Khalaf. Finally, Alessandra Gallerano, director of the Projects and Mobility Office, presented an overview of Arqus II and of the future prospects and opportunities available to the entire university community: students, academic and administrative staff.

The Arqus Alliance aims to be a bridge between European universities, to share experiences, knowledge and possibilities.

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Rsults and new opportunities: download the presentation

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