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Everything is under control: mathematics optimize everyday life


Control theory is a branch of mathematics that allows to control, optimize and guide systems on which one can act by means of a control, like for example a car, a robot, a space shuttle, a chemical reaction or in more general a process that one aims at steering to some desired target state.
In this talk, which takes place on 14 November (4:30 pm to 5:30 pm) at the Department of Mathematics (Via Trieste, 63), the full professor at the Sorbonne Université, Emmanuel Trélat, will overview the range of applications of that theory through several examples, sometimes funny, but also historical. He will show you that the study of simple cases of our everyday life, far from insignificant, allows to approach problems like the orbit transfer or interplanetary mission design.
This Colloquium is supported by Fondazione Cariparo, Visiting Programme.

Emmanuel Trélat is Full Professor at the Sorbonne Université, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions since 2011. He obtained a PhD Degree at the University of Burgundy at Dijon in 2000. He was then appointed as Assistant Professor (Maître de conferences) in 2001 at University of Paris-Sud and in 2006 he had a faculty appointment at University of Orléans. Trélat has been director of the Fondation sciences mathématiques de Paris (2015-2019). His research focuses on control theory in finite and infinite dimensions and on sub-Riemannian geometry. He is also a specialist in numerical methods in optimal control, particularly in aerospace applications. Trélat has published over 120 papers in these topics and has supervised (or co-supervised) 19 graduate students. He has been awarded the SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize (2006), Maurice Audin Prize (2010), Felix Klein Prize (European Mathematical Society, 2012), Blaise Pascal Prix (french Academy of Science, 2014), Grand prix Victor Madame Noury (french Academy of Science, 2016). Trélat was invited speaker at ICM 2018 in Rio de Janeiro.