Departments of Excellence: Unipd placed first in Italy with 29 of its departments in the MUR ranking


29 of the 32 departments of the University of Padua are included in the 350 best departments rankings published by the MUR that admits Italian state universities to compete for the selection of the 180 departments of excellence for the five years 2023-2027.

Among Italian state universities, the University of Padua holds the largest number of Departments authorized to participate in the national selection with as many as 20 departments in first place with the maximum ISPD value = of 100 and the remaining 9 with values well above 90. The minimum threshold of 73 is required to enter into the 350 best department ranking.

Results such as this reaffirm the pre-eminent position of the University of Padua in the panorama of important Italian universities and strengthen the ambitions to succeed in the upcoming selection competition.

Prepared by ANVUR, the ranking uses a Standardized Departmental Performance Indicator (ISPD), calculated from results achieved in the 2015-2019 Research Quality Assessment (VQR). The result for Unipd further improves the already excellent result obtained in 2017.  The selection competition result of 2018-2022, brought forth funding for 13 University of Padua departments.

"Twenty departments reaching the top positions in their disciplines, in all of Italy, and twenty-nine that meet the requirements to reach pure excellence”: these are not mere figures, these are tangible markings of the amount of high-quality research our university produces, says Daniela Mapelli, Rector of the University of Padua. There is great joy and pride in being able to say that these are the best result of all Italian universities. Beyond that, there is a deep sense of gratitude for the men and women who have made it possible, without their precious and passionate work; we could never achieve such recognition.  These results bring prestige to the entire University. My gratitude goes out to all of them.”