A brand new MyUnipd app


New graphic interface, fast, intuitive, interactive: here is the completely renewed MyUnipd app.

Available for free on Android and Apple devices through the store. The new app has brand new functions and is fully bilingual (Italian and English). It allows all students, current and past, to access their career records using their personal login. It’s an easy and quick way to keep services and content, previously available through the website, always at hand.

Through the MyUnipd app students can: enter their own profile, view their electronic booklet and study plan; register or unregister for exams; fill out class questionnaires; review and eventually reject test results; check in detail amounts and due dates of university fees. Furthermore, it allows to access the digital version of the personal badge (to access libraries and other services) and to quickly receive Uniweb communications and push notifications.

The old app will stop working at the end of May 2023. If you installed the MyUnipd app after December 2022 it will automatically update to the new version, otherwise here are the links to download the new app: