ARQUS Workshop: Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability


Workshop by Rita Bencivenga on Gender Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability.

The University of Padua and the Elena Cornaro Centre host professor Rita Bencivenga from the Trinity Centre for Gender Equality and Leadership - Trinity College Dublin on 18-20 February. Her current research activities focus on Feminist Institutionalism and Gender Equality in Higher Education and ICT Companies.

On Thursday 20 February 2020 at 9.30 am in the Archivio Antico of Palazzo Bo, professor Bencivenga held a workshop dedicated to the task forces members of the ARQUS AL2 "Widening access, inclusion and diversity" of the University of Padova.

The workshop focused on the fostering of gender equality, inclusion and sustainability policies within the universities.

The Action Line 2 of the Arqus Alliance is coordinated by the University of Padua, and has the following main objectives: increasing inclusion (widening access and diversity) within universities; increasing the awareness of the local and regional environment about different forms of disparity, under-represented groups, diversity and inclusion; influencing inclusive policies on a regional and national level.


Padua, February 20, 2020. Workshop by Rita Bencivenga (centre), with Laura Nota (left) - Unipd Delegate for Inclusion and Disability, and Annalisa Oboe (right) - Unipd Vice Rector for Cultural, Social and Gender Relations