Arqus Action Line Boards at Unipd

There is one Action Line Board for each of the six action lines foreseen in the Work Plan 2019-2022.
The University of Padova is the lead institution of the the Action Line 2, and so the Chair is occupied by its representative, who is responsible for ensuring coordination with the Steering Committee and other Action Line Boards.


AL2 Widening access, inclusion & diversity
Representatives: Benedetta Zatti, Laura Organte, Sarah Benato

AL3 Student-centred Frameworks for Quality Learning
Representatives: Monica Fedeli, Sara Pellegrini, Valentina De Marchi

AL4& Multilingual & Multicultural University
Representatives: Caroline Clark, Katherine Ackerley, Tania Van Luyten

AL5 Entrepreneurial University and Regional Engagement
Representatives: Tullio Vardanega, Gilda Rota, Ileana Borrelli

AL6 Research Support and Early Stage Researcher Development
Representatives: Francesco Paolo Russo, Francesca Mura, Elena Pavan

AL7 Engaged European Citizens
Representatives: Angela Terranova, Paolo De Stefani, Benedetta Bixio

AL8 Sustainability & Dissemination
Communication team: Gioia Lovison, Chiara Mezzalira, Pietro Osti