Arqus Academy Week: shaping the university of the future


With the motto of “shaping the university of the future”, the first edition of the Arqus Academy Week aims to engage the communities of the seven universities of the the Arqus European University Alliance in discussing a renewed vision for higher educationFrom 3rd to 7th May 2021, Vilnius University (VU) hosts a week full of interesting seminars, workshops, and discussions for lecturers, doctoral students, studies and education managers, specialists of international relations, students and the general public.

During the Arqus Academy Week, 21 events will be organised in 6 different sub-subjects which reflect the characteristics of the future university fostered by the partners of the Alliance: an inclusive university, a university of excellent teaching and learning, a multilingual university, an entrepreneurial university, an open science university and a globally engaged university.

Speakers of the Arqus Academy Week will discuss the quality of studies, development of programmes, multilingualism at university and challenges of teaching and learning, among others. Members of the community of the Arqus universities – researchers, scientists and specialists – will present the latest trends and will discuss the topics such as entrepreneurship, student exchange or citizen science in different discussions and debates.

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Arqus Academy Week