Andrea Rinaldo

Andrea Rinaldo Lecture - Riflesso nell'acqua


Andrea Rinaldo is a Professor of Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Padua and the Director of the Ecohydrology Laboratory at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne (EPFL). Prof Rinaldo is also the first Italian scholar awarded with the Stockholm Water Prize, an award that recognizes outstanding achievements in water related activities and often described as the Nobel Prize of water due to similarities of its selection process.

On 29 May, 12.15, in the Aula magna of Palazzo del Bo, Prof Rinaldo will hold his lecture entitled Riflesso nell'acqua at the University of PaduaProf Rinaldo’s lecture is an opportunity to address questions related to a wide range of interests. Questioning future plans for the management of far-reaching water resources that examines the possibility of reducing biodiversity loss worldwide. Can we truly comprehend the structure of water networks or control the large-scale spread of water-borne disease infections as the distance between the north and the south of the Earth’s surface decreases? Are we able to provide an economic solution to tackle water management systems in light of the material and immaterial costs of the increasing incidence of debilitating disease and poverty? How are biological migrations and invasions a reflection of the Neolithic transition that shaped the composition of modern human geography?

Prof Rinaldo ‘reflects’ on each of these questions while in dialogue with Telmo Pievani, the University of Padua Professor of Philosophy of Biological Science and the Rector Delegate for Communication and Scientific Dissemination. The scholars will discuss issues such as a fair distribution of water in meta-history (hydraulic) as a key to rethinking distributive justice management of water resources, the conservation of natural capital and the reduction of inequalities on a global scale, as well as the impact of floods and droughts.

The event is part of the 2023 University of Padua Sustainable Development Festival program.

Participation is free upon registration. The event is sold out.

The UniPD YouTube channel will broadcast the event live.