3rd International Symposium on the Advances in Marine Mussel Research


The Department of Biology organizes the international symposium "Advances in Marine Mussel Research 2019" (AMMR 2019) that will take place in Palazzo Grassi (Chioggia, Venice) on August 26-28, 2019. AMMR 2019 is in its third edition, after AMMR 2016 held in Vigo (Spain) and AMMR 2017 held in Sète (Montpellier, France).

The symposium will convey the latest and multidisciplinary research news on mussels of the Mytilus genus and will gather researchers who are using them as biological models of study. At the University of Padova several researchers currently investigate mussels for basic and applied purposes, and also in Chioggia, where the MS course in Marine biology takes place in Palazzo Grassi, an 18th century building hosting student classrooms and the zoological Museum “Giuseppe Olivi”.