20 September: Unipd participates in Giretto d'Italia 2023


The annually held European Mobility Week is an initiative that encourages communities to promote sustainable modes of transportation. As such, The University of Padua will join the Giretto d'Italia on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

The goal behind this competition between other communities and cities is to promote the use of cycling and other electric micro-mobility solutions for commuting to work or places of study from home by encouraging participants to use electric scooters, monowheels, E-bikes, hoverboards, and Segways.

Unipd students, staff and all those who want to support the initiative may do so using a cycling or using an electric mobility vehicle and passing checkpoints at specific time slots between 7 am and 10 am on the morning of Wednesday, September 20.

The winner of the initiative goes to the city or University with the highest number of participants passing checkpoints on board sustainable mobility vehicles. Participate can simply pass through one of the monitored checkpoints while travel to or from the University to be considered. 

Checkpoint in Padua:

Corner of via San Francesco/via Ospedale
Corner of via Vicenza/Corso Milano
Hospital entrance at via Giustiniani
Hospital entrance at Pontecorvo
Corner of via Belzoni/via del Portello
Corner of via Sorio/Via Libia
Corner of via Vittorio Veneto/Lungargine dei Barcari
Via Istria (top of the cycling path)
The Borgomagno overpass
Lungargine Terranegra at via Vigonovese
Ponte in via Facciolati
Ponte in via Acquapendente
Corner of via Venezia/via Tommaseo (in front of the Fiera)
Corner of via Beato Pellegrino/via Montà