Teaching for Learning

The aim of the Teaching4Learning@Unipd project is to improve and modernise teaching at Padua University.

Through  project courses, teachers will become part of departmental and inter-departmental communities where they can initiate and share good teaching practices and promote innovative, technological methods. These communities will be called the Faculty Learning Community (FLC).

The project

Events and activities

Moodle T4L

  Teaching technologies

The Digital Learning e Multimedia (DLM) office has created a webpage on the use of  Nuove tecnologie per la didattica, (New technologies for teaching) and can offer cycles of weekly workshops on the use of Moodle and new teaching technologies. These workshops will be organised on request from Schools or Departments.

Some organised workshops include:  

  • 18 September 2017: Digital ink: what is digital ink?; lessons with digital ink, using a digitizer, tablet or PC (Carlo Mariconda). Organised by the Industrial Engineering Department
  • 12 February 2018:  Making tests for Moodle (Carlo Mariconda and Cinzia Ferranti). Organised by the Engineering School
  • 26 March 2018: Making videos with Kaltura (Carlo Mariconda and Dr Cecilia Dal Bon). Organised by the Engineering School

Twice a year the DLM office organises Digital Week when workshops and other activities for teachers are available for a whole week.

  Information and contacts

Teaching4Learning activities are managed through the site:

To request the organisation of a cycle of workshops, or to have further information, write to:  T4L@unipd.it


for workshops on innovative teaching methods, contact
Monica Fedeli monica.fedeli@unipd.it  (include T4L in the subject line)

for workshops on new technologies for teaching, contact
Carlo Mariconda  carlo.mariconda@unipd.it  (include T4L in the subject line)