PhD Final Exam

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Here you can find information about the final exam for the award of the PhD title: thesis submission, thesis discussion (defence) and PhD graduation ceremony.

  Thesis editorial rules

The thesis must be written according to the following instructions, required for repository needs:
- at least 25 lines of at least 60 characters each;
in pdf/A format not heavier than 40 MB

Facsimile of the front page (30° cycle)

  Graduation Ceremony

The graduation Ceremony for those that graduated is scheduled on 15-16-17 April 2024.

Inscription link:

  Doctor Europaeus

By decision of the Consulta dei Coordinatori di Corso di Dottorato, starting from 36th series, it will no longer be possible to ask for the Doctor Europaeus label.
This is due to the fact that this label is now considered outdated.
This label was established at the end of the 90s by the Conferenza dei Rettori delle Università Europee to promote the Ph.D. students's mobility.
Now CRUE does not exist and EUA, in particular the Council for Doctoral Education, does not recognize this kind of certificate because now it is considered outdated and limited to Europe only.The label is no longer valid in other Universities and countries.

The following conditions must be satisfied in order to obtain a “Doctor Europaeus” title:

  • the research project must have been partly carried out in a stay abroad of no less than three months in a different EU member State; this period is not necessarily consecutive and can be carried out in one or more States, but each stay must be of at least 30 days;
  • the thesis evaluation will be carried out by no less than two professors from two European Universities in different EU States from where the thesis is discussed;
  • at least one member of the PhD Final Exam Committee must belong to a different EU State from where the thesis is discussed;
  • part of the thesis discussion must be held in a different EU official language than that used where the thesis is discussed.

Foreign professors who review the theses must also be different from the professor of the PhD final examination committee.
Candidates who wish to be awarded by the “Doctor Europaeus” label, will have to inform the Ph.D. coordinator and the administrative referent by the date specified in the deadlines. By the same deadline, those candidates should submit the request for the awarding of the “Doctor Europaeus” label to the Ph.D. office by sending an email to together with the certification specifying the mobility period.

Thesis submission procedure

  Procedure for the 34° cycle

  • Deadlines for Ph.D. students who will end the courses on 30/09/2021
  • Deadlines Ph.D. students who will end the courses on 30/09/2021 with a 3-month extension ex D.L. n. 41/2021
  • Deadlines for Ph.D. students who will end the courses on 30/09/2021 with a 3-month extension ex D.L. n. 41/2021 + 3 additional months

  Procedure for the 33° cycle

We would like to inform you that if you have not yet carried out the upload of your final thesis in Padua @research (which was required by the thesis submission procedure), you should no longer complete this procedure, as we are working to enable the transition to the new telematic archive IRIS. For further information or clarification, please contact our Office at the following email address:


PhD students of 34°, 35° and 36° cycle may apply for the 3 months extension foreseen by decree law 22 March 2021, no. 41, as converted by Law 21 May 2021, no. 69.
PhD students of the 34° and 35° cycle may also apply for 3 additional months of unpaid “proroga” foreseen by the Rector's communication (Prot. no. 68799 dated 28 April 2021).

  36° cycle

For Ph.D. students of the 36° cycle, the procedure to apply for the extension (“proroga”) has expired

  35° cycle

For Ph.D. students of the 35° cycle, the procedure to apply for the extension (“proroga”) has expired

  34° cycle

For Ph.D. students of the 34° cycle, the procedure to apply for the extension (“proroga”) has expired

PhD Diploma (Parchment)

  Collection / delivery

Ph.D. diplomas are awarded during a ceremony that is normally held every year. After the ceremony, Ph.D. students who were not able to take part,  may collect the PhD Diploma in our office.
The Diploma can also be collected by third persons provided with a proxy duly signed by the PhD student and with a copy of a valid ID document (ID card or passport) of the applicant. (Attachment 1)
Otherwise, you may ask us for the delivery of the Diploma (Attachment 2). Please note that the delivery is usually carried out by means of a private courier. Depending on your delivery address, different charges may be applied: please contact us at in order to know specific delivery costs.

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