PhD Welcome Day

The University of Padua wants to give to the new PhD students (35th series) a warm welcome, organizing the PhD Welcome Day on November 28, 2019, h. 17-19, in Orto botanico, the Botanical Graden of the University (entrance from Prato della Valle 57c - see map).

During the meeting PhD students are introduced to the University and the city of Padova and are provided with all the information needed to ensure a great and fruitful stay at Unipd. Specific information are provided about PhD opportunities, events, co-tutelage agreement, scholarship increase.


17.00    Institutional welcome    
17.15    Useful informations for PhDs
17.30    Joint supervision agreements ("cotutelle de thèse")
17.40   Scholarship, research budget, 50% increase of the amount of the scholarship for research abroad
17.50    ESU (regional company for the Right to University Education) Facilities
18.00    ADI (Italian Association of PhD candidates and PhDs)
18.10    PhD Successful stories
18.30    Spritz time

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 PhD Welcome Day on November 28th

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