Renewing the residence permit

You will need to renew the permit if you wish to extend your stay in Italy.

It will take one month from the date of your first appointment at the Questura for the electronic residence permit to be issued, if your application is successful. In any case, the permit will be issued for the length of your health insurance and for no longer than one year. To extend your stay in Italy, you will need to start the renewal process in good time, i.e. three months before it expires.

If you are enrolled on courses lasting more than one year, your residence permit can be renewed annually, providing you:

  • already have a student permit;
  • are enrolled at the University;
  • have passed:
    - at least one exam in the first year of your course;
    - at least two exams in subsequent years.

If you present documents attesting serious medical reasons or force majeure, the permit may be renewed if only one exam has been passed.

If you have not yet completed the enrolment process and have been accepted conditionally by the University, you can still apply for renewal of your permit by presenting proof of conditional acceptance. You will need, however, to present the documentation for effective enrolment as soon as possible.

If you have completed a doctoral degree or a second-level Italian Master degree, you cannot renew your residence permit for study purposes. If you do not have a job, you can ask to be enrolled for 12 months at the Employment Centre (Centro per l’Impiego) and apply for a residence permit while seeking employment. If you have been offered a job, you can apply for your study permit to be converted into a work permit at the Immigration Office (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione).

  What you need

  • 4 passport-size photos on a white background; bring these to your first appointment at police headquarters (Questura);
  • a €16 marca da bollo (duty stamp);
  • a photocopy of your passport or identity document (main page and any pages bearing stamps or visas);
  • a photocopy of a valid insurance policy to provide health or accident cover for the duration of your residence permit in Italy;
  • a photocopy of documents attesting adequate financial resources for the duration of your residence permit in Italy (e.g. study grant declaration or bank statement);
  • photocopy of certification proving University enrolment and the passing of at least one exam for the first renewal application and two exams for subsequent renewals. If you have not passed exams due to serious health reasons or force majeure, you will have to explain these reasons in a letter to the Immigration Office. If failure to pass exams is due to a change in course, you will need to attach the documentation for your enrolment on a different course;
  • copy of documents attesting accomodation:  ESU contract or house contract + recent hospitality or, in case of hospitality without contract, hospitality form+ proprety act or visura catastale.


Students can contact the SAOS for free help with filling in the application forms. A “kit” containing the requisite forms is available in all post offices or directly from SAOS.


  • a €16 marca da bollo (duty stamp).

When you present the application at the post office, you will need to pay:

  • €30 for the service;
  • €70.46 for the issue of a one-year electronic residence permit.

Presenting the application

You must present the application in an open envelope at the Padova Central Post Office (Corso Garibaldi 25), together with your passport or another identity document. You will be given a three-page receipt which must be carefully conserved; you will need it if you register with the Town Hall Registry Office, or the Italian National Health Service:

  • the receipt;
  • communication of the date of your first appointment at police headquarters (Questura);
  • the postal order proving payment of your application.

First Appointment at Police Headquarters (Questura)

You will need the following documents:

  • 4 passport-size photographs;
  • the original copies of the documents you sent with the kit;
  • your passport (original);
  • the receipts for your permit application;
  • your expired/expiring residence permit (original).


Collecting the permit

The receipt contains two personal code numbers (User Id and Password) which enable you to follow the state of your application at

When the permit is ready, the Questura will send you a text message telling you when you can collect it. To collect the permit from the Questura, you will need to bring:

  • your passport;
  • the receipts for your permit application;
  • your expiring/expired residence permit (original).

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