Unipd's top place among the QS World Ranking


The University of Padua confirmed as one of the Top200 universities in the world, covering all 5 broad subject areas, as well as 8 disciplines within the Top100 world ranking, and ranked first in Italy in 8 disciplines.

As one of the most accredited international agencies in the field of academic rankings, QS World University Rankings published its results organized "by subject" (in scientific areas) on Wednesday, March 3, 2021.

Coordinator of the Commission for the selection and analysis of the data used for the rankings and social report, Professor Giulio Vidotto states "Once again, this year the University of Padua gained broad recognition from QS covering a variety of subject areas. The top places include eight discipline areas in which our University ranked among the best one hundred universities in the world. It should be noted that these results were obtained under an ever-increasingly broad and competitive international context. This year the number of QS entrants grew from 1,368 to 1,453. Furthermore, while several other Italian universities obtained excellent results, it is a pleasure to note that the top position of Padua was met nationally in six different scientific areas. These results, in addition to confirming the quality of the commitment of all those who work in our university, are a reward from the continuous investment in resources aimed at improving the quality of our research and teaching within a framework of sustainable growth. With regards to future results, we hope that the commitment of our University on issues related to the management of the pandemic will be formally recognized."

For 2021, the University of Padua is confirmed as one of the Top200 universities in the world in all of QS’s five broad subject areas:

  • Arts and Humanities (163rd place)
  • Engineering and Technology (126th place)
  • Life Sciences and Medicine (117th place)
  • Natural Sciences (111th place)
  • Social Sciences and Management (197th place)

Eight disciplines of the University of Padua also rank among the Top100 in the world:

  • Classics and Ancient History (between 51st and 70th place)
  • Theology, Divinity and Religious Studies (between 51st-100th place)
  • Agricultural and Forestry Studies (87th place)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (between 51st-70th place)
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology (79th place)
  •  Psychology (82nd place)
  • Physics and Astronomy (86th place)
  • Statistics and Operational Research (between 51st and 100th place)

Finally, on a national scale, the University of Padua ranked first in Italy in the studies of Geology, Geophysics, Earth & Marine Sciences, Biological Sciences, Psychology, and Anatomy & Physiology.