The University of Padua hosts the Arqus Student-led Forum 2022


The new "Arqus Student-led Forum on engaged European citizenship in times of uncertainty" will take place next 3rd and 4th April at the University of Padua, being held in conjunction with the Annual Conference 2022More than 40 students from all Arqus universities together with a group of academics and other international students from the Alliance and beyond will participate in this Forum.

The Student-led Forum is an initiative within Arqus Action Line 7, European Engaged Citizen, organised by the Arqus students annually, coinciding with the rotating Annual Conferences, open to academics and students from Arqus and other European and international universities. By organising these Forums, students can develop their organisational, pedagogical, research and transferable skills

The Forum is an occasion to:

  • Disseminate results of their Collaboratory challenge-based learning projects to an international group of academic staff and students.
  • Present and discuss independent research projects, including course papers, master’s theses and field course reports.
  • Engage with leading European academics on issues of European citizenship; active engagement with urgent social challenges and the role of the academy in facilitating and informing engaged European citizenship.
  • Network with students from across the Arqus Alliance and beyond.

During the first day of this Student-lead Forum (Sunday, 3rd April), students will present their challenge-based learning projects, discuss the role of students in times of conflict and learn about interdisciplinary collaboration. The second day, the focus will be given to diversity as a multidisplinary exercise and to the role of universities in the face of the Ukraine war. The session will end with a discussion with AL7 Board.