The University of Padua adds 50 scholarships to support Afghan students


Today, Afghanistan continues to be fraught with an unacceptable surge in human rights violations, not least of which include the right to study, the right to an education, and cultural freedom, most notably for Afghan women. The University of Padua responded to this humanitarian emergency by independently financing 50 scholarships to Afghan students through the UniPD 4 Afghanistan funding project.
The project includes an application process to help eligible Afghan students to access funding for their studies at the University of Padua. With over a hundred applicants, the University launched a fundraising campaign to raise more funds.  Thanks to the generosity of private donations from companies, individuals, associations, and foundations, the University has successfully financed an additional 50 scholarships. 

The scholarship supports Afghan students during their entire three-year degree cycle program, for a total of 36,000 euros (or 12,000 euros per year).

'The Unipd 4 Afghanistan project allows us to shine a bright light on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, which for its people remains dramatic - says University of Padua Rector Daniela Mapelli. Our contribution is to continue helping students in danger. We must support the young people of Afghanistan who dreamt of studying in Padua by ensuring that their dreams come true without the rude awakenings of financial struggle. The University allocated the available number of scholarships, but there are hundreds of more applicants. I am asking you to participate in the UniPD 4 Afghanistan fundraising campaign. Padua and its region is a welcoming and supportive community, now you too can do something about the Afghan emergency'. 

Thanks to the wide assortment of educational activities offered in English at the University of Padua, many Afghan students can enrol and continue studying towards similar degree courses they aspired towards in their home countries.

Support the "Unipd 4 Afghanistan" scholarships, DONATE NOW For more information: Fundraising Office - fundraising@unipd.it - tel. 0498273498