Unipd expresses its dedication to the students and the families of the Chinese community


Global news over the past few days has dedicated much of its attention to the Coronavirus. In a recent statement, rector of the University of Padova Rosario Rizzuto said:

"At this time, in which the apprehension and fear of the health emergency that has hit China is strong, we are confident that scientists in China and in the rest of the world will clarify the properties of the virus and the pathways of infection and will quickly find an effective cure. We are close to the Chinese people and join in our condolences for the victims of the epidemic. Our academic community is ready to provide all the necessary help face the united and supportive health emergencies which is increasingly global in a hyper-connected world.”


The University of Padova wants to express its dedication to the students and the families of the Chinese community and offer them a voice, so that they too could share their thoughts. We asked Ma Teng and Rui Zhu, two of our students from China, to explain to us how they are living these days, far from their home country.