Translational and Personalised Medicine: from bench to the bedside


The Summer School is a joint program generated by the cooperation between the Department of Surgery, Oncology and Gastroenterology of the University of Padua and the Centre for Personalised Medicine of the University of Oxford. Translational medicine (TM) is an interdisciplinary branch of the bio-medical field supported by three main pillars: "benchside, bedside and community".The main objective of the school is to discuss state-of-the art translational research to enhance the knowledge of clinicians and scientists aiming to cope with the complexity of TM's current challenges.

The course, dedicated to postgraduate students, is structured over five days (June, 17-21) with readings and lectures by Italian and English scientists. The program also provides for each day a visit to a research institute in Padova (Torre della Ricerca, VIMM, IOV, Discog).