Swetaly - Scholars at Risk


Swetaly University Collaboration is a project that aims to strengthen the academic relations between Sweden and Italy in research and higher education.

One of the themes identified by the Swetaly University Collaboration is that of academic freedom, understood as the freedom to teach, to do research and to disseminate and publish results, and researchers’ freedom of association, collaboration and movement as fundamental human rights.

Universities and research centres from both Sweden and Italy are actively involved in the international network Scholars at Risk, that operates to protect at-risk scholars, promote the fundamental values of higher education and advocate in support of institutions and individuals whose freedom to think, conduct research, discuss ideas and scientific findings in academic contexts is put at stake.

Swetaly is organizing a series of workshops to address specific aspects related to the protection and promotion of academic freedom and invites universities from both Swetaly and SAR national networks to participate. The workshops will be held in February 2021, October 2021 and spring 2022.

The first workshop will be held on February 3 and chaired by Claudia Padovani, University of Padova and SAR Italy: "Academic freedom in challenging times: advocacy and collaborations" (download the programme).

The aim of these workshops is to gain a better understanding of the concrete realities of violation of academic freedom, to learn about initiatives and actions carried out, respectively, in Italy and Sweden, and to develop plans for future collaborations in fostering higher academic values through education, supporting scholars through protection and hospitality and in developing joint advocacy interventions.


Participating institutions

Roma Tre University
Sapienza University of Rome
University of L'Aquila
University of Bergamo
University of Bologna
University of Brescia
University of Genova
University of Milano-Bicocca
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
University of Naples "L'Orientale"
University of Padua
University of Palermo
University of Parma
University of Pisa
University of Turin

Blekinge Institute of Technology
Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College
Halmstad University
Jönköping University
Karolinska Institutet
Linneaus University
Luleå University of Technology
Malmö University
Mälardalen University Sweden
Stockholm University
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Umeå University
University of Gothenburg
University of Gävle
University of Skövde
Uppsala University
Örebro University