Silent Transformation: Magic in Teaching and Learning


The event aims to understand some aspects of teaching in relation to communication, highlighting the bodies non-verbal language as an active role in the teaching and learning process.

World famous magician and creative consultant at Walt Disney World, Vito Lupo, explains how magic and illusion can help promote creativity, insight and innovation. Born in New York, Lupo developed his interest in visual and performing arts and in 1979 won the First Prize at the FISM World Magic Championship.  Lupo’s style of magic includes several genres including, illusionism, mime, theatrics, and dance.

From 2004 to 2011, he was a creative consultant of special effects and illusions for the World Disney Company in Orlando, Florida.

Magic is a teaching process that goes beyond our control. Magic manages to surprise teachers and students, creating a context that promotes both learning and the development of authentic relationships.

Participation is free with registration but space is limited.

The conference will take place on December 11 at the teatro Ruzante(Riviera Tito Livio 45) at 8.30 p.m.